Senior Living Briefs

Senior Living Briefs

Community Foundation of NOVA Grantees Focused on Aging

Grants totalling $36,000 were awarded to the following two organizations:

Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington ($18,000)
Serving Northern Virginia
Funding will ensure 250 Northern Virginia seniors with irreversible chronic vision loss have access to eye health education, resource navigation services, assistive technology training, and peer support. These resources enable seniors to live longer, safer, happier, and more connected lives.

Shepherd’s Center of Northern Virginia ($18,000)
Serving Fairfax County
Funding will help the Shepherd’s Center serve more clients in underserved areas and ensure the transportation needs of older adults (such as critical doctor appointments and food essentials) are met.

Senior Wisdom

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a pub crawl as “a visit to several pubs, one after the other, having a drink or drinks at each one.” It’s not for the faint of heart. Nonetheless, 69-year-old David Clarkson of Sydney, Australia recently earned a page in the Guinness Book of World Records by “drinking his way” in and out of no less than 120 pubs in 24 hours. How did he do it? According to the Guinness judges: “Each visit had to incorporate a paid transaction for a beverage [non-alcoholic or alcoholic], as well as a minimum of 125 ml [milliliters, approximate 4 ounces] of liquid being consumed ... David notes that he consumed 20 liters of liquid in 24 hours, mostly consisting of soft drinks and juices.”

Source: Association of Mature American Citizens, self-described as “the Conservative Alternative”