In Support of Mural on Water Tank, Gateway to Gum Springs

In Support of Mural on Water Tank, Gateway to Gum Springs

The Urban Land Institute identified the water tanks on Fordson Road as the gateway into Gum Springs. The West Ford Legacy Foundation (WFLF) is spearheading a community project by having a mural painted on one of the water tanks because the water tanks have become enormous in size and unsightly. 

To ensure WFLF was not seeking to circumvent community control from any Gum Springs community-based organization, WFLF met with Vincent Carter, New Gum Springs Civic Association (NGSCA) on March 25th and extended an invitation to NGSCA to participate as a partner.  WFLF also reached out to Ron Chase, Director of the Gum Springs Historical Society/Gum Springs Museum, who is opposed to the community mural project. Viewpoints from those who live, work, visit and/or worship in Gum Springs were obtained from an online survey implemented on March 27th. There are currently more than 300 signatures of supporters.

Letters of support were received from Virginia State Delegate Paul Krizek and the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens Associations.

Unfortunately, without engaging in a thoughtful analysis or communicating with WFLF, the Mount Vernon Supervisor chose to not take a position to support a worthy community project that would not only benefit Gum Springs but also surrounding communities.  The Mount Vernon Supervisor did not provide a letter of support.

No valid reasons have been provided for opposing the community project. It would be useful for the opposers to answer two questions: 1) How would a mural depicting the founder and history of Gum Springs

substantially jeopardize the property surrounding the water tanks or

quality of life for residents of Gum Springs; and 2) How is a mural

depicting history and shows a sense of place and belonging as a negative community benefit?

So, who or what is exactly the community?