Letter to Editor: Kendale Woods Pickleball; Another View

Letter to Editor: Kendale Woods Pickleball; Another View

I am a resident who lives on Kendale Road and my house backs up to these courts.  My neighbors and those on Brookcrest Drive who also have houses that back to these courts have made it clear we want these courts in our backyard. They add value to our community and simply playing somewhere else is not a viable option. These courts are adjacent to our community pool (the pool board has stated pickleball players can use their parking lot) and right next to a park so it allows for parents in the community to play while our kids are in safe distance from us. It's also stated that these courts were lined prior to the 2021 study- while that is true what it neglects to mention is that these courts were redone and two pickleball only courts were placed in 2023. The story being told is incomplete.

 It should also be mentioned that the timing of this decision raises suspicion, particularly considering the sudden proliferation of signs offering tennis lessons at these courts for a fee. It is troubling that we are being asked to sacrifice a beloved community asset so that someone else can profit.

While it is true that we can drive 5 miles and be at another court, we can’t have our kids enjoy the pool while we play pickleball. The proximity to the park, pool, and our homes cannot be replicated at any other courts in Annandale. Furthermore, the board at the Broyhill Crest Pool has stated that pickleball players can use their parking lot to access these courts. 

The community has spoken, and it is clear that they want these courts and that they are important to our neighborhood. We aren't asking for money, more courts, or anything else, we just want to keep this valuable community asset to stay.

We have made a very simple and reasonable request that a community hearing be held to get the input of those impacted by this decision.  The person offering for profit tennis lessons on these specific courts shouldn't be the only voices heard.

Please run a more balanced story with all the facts, not just the ones cherry picked by the park authority.