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Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Noisy in Mount Vernon; More Noise Coming?

If you spent anytime out on the patio in Mount Vernon this summer, I'm sure you've heard the loud, obnoxious cars and motorcycles with modified exhaust systems and screaming, roaring engines that pierce the serenity of our peaceful neighborhoods, ("Mount Vernon Serenity Cut Short By Noisy Tailpipes," Mount Vernon Gazette, 10/8/2020).

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Restaurant of the Week: Cedar Knoll Restaurant

Cedar Knoll Restaurant features sweeping views of the Potomac River, acclaimed American – French cuisine and a fun atmosphere.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Don’t Bulldoze Taylor Run

To reduce sediment and nutrient loads in the Chesapeake Bay, the City of Alexandria is proposing an ambitious $4.5 million plan to re-engineer 2,000 feet of Taylor Run, which courses through the woods in Chinquapin Park.

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Kaleidoscope – Another Type of Halloween Candy

As a toddler, Anila Angjeli was given a small device that displayed endless mesmerizing symmetric geometries when seen through light.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: American Horticultural Society Update: Proceeds From Sale of River Farm Will Be Used to Create Endowment

In September, the American Horticultural Society (AHS) announced plans to sell River Farm, which has been our headquarters since 1973.