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Commentary: Never Armed Enough!

Editorial: Voting Every Year, But Always Critical

League of Women Voters provides forums to learn about the candidates.

Letter to Editor: Illusion of Non-partisanship

Illusion of Non-partisanship letter

Letter to Editor: Retain Memorials

Retain Memorials

Focusing on Business Climate


Focusing on Business Climate

How About Some Good News?

Independent Progressive

Reston commentary

Letter to the Editor: Concerned About Resolution Vote

On Feb. 22, the Virginia House of Delegates passed House Resolution No. 431 "Encouraging public institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth to protect free speech."

Letter to the Editor: Development Fight Lost Early On

I could be wrong but I believe I detected an implied note of concern in the headline (“Evolving Land Use: Previous Classification”) for your report on the Jan. 24 vote by our Board of Supervisors to approve a zoning change for a proposed Gulick development in a forest next to Lexington Estates here in Great Falls.

Commentary: Time to Stand Up

The General Assembly has adjourned its annual session. In future columns I will write about bills that survived the Governor’s veto pen and those that did not.

Reston Association Elections: Time for Real Change?

Independent Progressive

Shortly after this column appears in your Reston Connection, you will be getting your very own ballots in the mail for the Reston Association Board of Directors election.

Renewing an Old Promise

In the Sound of the Bells

A few weeks after I moved to Potomac, one of my parishioners, Ellie Cain, presented me with a Potomac flag.

Editorial: Good, Bad and Missed Opportunities

Results of the 2017 session of the General Assembly.

GOOD THINGS Progress in funding mental health and addressing the opioid epidemic on multiple levels were among the successes of the 2017 General Assembly session.