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Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Acute Inadequacies of Stormwater System

With the acute inadequacies in the City’s stormwater system coming sharply into focus in the last two years, it has become apparent that when the City introduced the Storm Water Use Fee in 2018 it cynically and quietly moved personnel costs from the general fund to this new income stream.

Opinion: Column: Cancer and Covid...

…don't exactly go together like milk and cookies.

Opinion: Commentary: Virginia's Economy and Amending Northam's Budget

The General Assembly of Virginia already is in its second week.

Opinion: Commentary: An Inauguration to Remember

Like most people, I will not be attending any inaugural events this year because of the pandemic restrictions and threats of civil disturbances.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Old Enough To Know Better?

Many of these Progressive Prosecutors for Justice are younger, several swept into office over more moderate Democrats, so may not recall how crime tripled in a decade in the late 60s and 70s.

Opinion: Commentary: NPV Compact: Affront To Virginians, Danger To Our Nation

Alexandria’s State Sen. Adam Ebbin and Del. Mark Levine swore to uphold the US and Virginia Constitutions.

Opinion: Commentary: Don’t Go to D.C. for Inauguration

The chief executives of the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia held a joint call to discuss planning for the 59th Presidential Inauguration.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Unlisted and Out of Touch

Recently a burglary occurred in the Fort Hunt area, and the Fairfax County Police activated their Incident Alert System which delivered pre-recorded phone calls advising residents to lock their doors and shelter in place.

The Other Alexandria: Highlighting 2020

The Other Alexandria’s column has covered many heartwarming articles during this most difficult year and the end of another decade.

Opinion: Commentary: Arlington Prepares for Presidential Inauguration

Don’t Go To D.C. for the Inauguration

Arlington County is taking all necessary steps to ensure public safety in the run-up to the Jan. 20, 2021 Presidential Inauguration, County Board Chair Matt de Ferranti said today.

Opinion: Column: In Effect, a Trade

Incurable but treatable non small cell lung cancer, stage IV for incurable but treatable papillary thyroid cancer stage IV.

Opinion: Commentary: Virginia Virtual Session Begins!

Here’s how to see more of what’s happening in the General Assembly

This week on Wednesday, Jan. 13, we embark on yet another historic legislative session, our first regular session in 402 years that will be totally virtual (using our computers to go on-line).

Tease photo

Northam: ‘Time to Legalize Marijuana’

Virginia looking to be the first state in the South with legalized marijuana.

Marijuana Legalization is a Goal of the Governor

Opinion: Commentary: Insurrection

Last Thursday’s one-word headline in the Richmond Times Dispatch was in such a large font that it extended across the entire width of the newspaper: INSURRECTION.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Are You Concerned About Pedestrian Safety?

Alexandria Families For Safe Streets (AFSS) is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization.