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Opinion: Commentary: Lifetime of Learning

My mom and dad had little or no formal education which was not that unusual for children in large families growing up in rural Virginia in the 1920s.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Citizens’ Expressions of Venom, Ignorance, and Unsupported Statistics

The Gazette published several articles in last week’s edition in which citizens expressed venom, hate, ignorance, and questionable conclusions unsupported by the statistics cited.

Opinion: Commentary: Ongoing Unemployment Crisis in the Commonwealth

I wrote here in May that perhaps the most challenging aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic that was not health related remains the ongoing unemployment crisis throughout the Commonwealth.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: It’s Not Too Late — Or Is It?

Regarding the presumed presidential candidates. we Americans can do better. The parties have better, they can do better. America — the World — needs better.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Going Back to the Dark Ages

With the July 8 decision by the Supreme Court to ban insurance coverage for contraceptives for women, we have gone back to the Dark Ages, where men in management will decide “what is best” for women who work in their offices and in their companies.

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‘Don’t Replace Natural Resources with Townhouses’ in Fairfax City

City residents weigh in on Northfax West project.

Before Fairfax City Council last week approved the new plan for Northfax West, nearly two dozen residents called in with comments during the online public hearing.

Opinion: Column: Growing Pains

After more than six months away from the infusion center, due to the treatment for my papillary thyroid cancer stage II, I make my return on Wednesday, July 22.

Opinion: Commentary: John Lewis Legacy

The body of John Lewis will be laid to rest this week, but the legacy of his leadership in the Civil Rights Movement will live on.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: New Name: Nolan Dawkins High School

I write today about the matter of renaming T. C. Williams High School.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Relearning the Value of Private Charity

The cause behind the "More for Enforcement, Less for Assistance" phenomenon in Michael Lee Pope's feature about Alexandria spending more on policing but less on social services, ironically, is on the very next page.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Call for Independent Police Auditor; More Data on Police Actions in Alexandria

The Alexandria Human Rights Ordinance established the Alexandria Human Rights Commission (AHRC) in 1975. The Commission comprises 14 members appointed by city council for three-year terms. The AHRC works to ensure, among other things, that Alexandrians are treated fairly and in accordance with applicable state and local laws and regulations.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Rename T.C. Williams NOW

There has been a chorus of support for renaming T.C. Williams High School to remove the moniker of an arch-segregationist who does not represent our values.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Boone-Yoast High?

I recently heard about the effort to re-name T.C. Williams High School.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Confront Hate When We See It and Hear It

The accompanying photograph is of the vandalized memorial to Bijan Ghaisar who was murdered by the United States Park Police (USPP), in November of 2017

Opinion: Commentary: Finally, Respect for Native Americans

This week, the Washington NFL team made an historic announcement that the franchise will finally retire its racist name and logo.