Drawn from the 15 weekly community newspapers published by Connection Newspapers.


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Alexandria History Lesson: Tides of Revolution

A public history learning experience.

On May 31 at 1 p.m. the City of Alexandria continues to celebrate the Marquis de Lafayette and the critical role he played in the American Revolution, as the replica of the frigate L’Hermione approaches.

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Cartoon: Parking/Public Housing

“Alert the council…we’ve managed to solve the parking problem and the public housing issue in one fell swoop.”

Column: Technology for Seniors

Knowing what’s available and how it can be helpful.

Technology is a necessity in today’s world whether you are 7 or 70. It can enhance your life, keep you connected with loved ones no matter where they are and make you feel relevant.

Letter: Turning Vision Into Action

Letter to the Editor

Mount Vernon is at a crossroads. We are confronted with a unique set of challenges that require a broad set of skills and experience to get things done.

Letter: Identifying Problems

Letter to the Editor

We, a group of concerned Patrick Henry neighbors, are writing to provide our feedback regarding the Patrick Henry project. Our concerns and suggestions are detailed below.

Letter: Measuring Impact

Letter to the Editor

Kerry Donley has made the Carlyle district, where I live, a centerpiece of his campaign for mayor of Alexandria. He touts the Patent Office as a boon to the the city. But he greatly overstates his case. Yes, the Patent Office contributes to the city's tax rolls, but no, it doesn't stimulate economic activity in the surrounding area.

Letter: Vision and Leadership

Letter to the Editor

The Tuesday June 9th Election is very important to Alexandrians where historically the primary election decides who will be mayor. And historically, there is a lower turnout for primary elections.

Letter: Deforestation: Earth Skinned Alive

Letter to the Editor

Have you ever imagined losing your home because someone wanted to build their house there? What about waking up one day to see that your entire world has been destroyed? Maybe one of your loved ones is missing? That is what deforestation is to animals all over the world.

Letter: Ability To Get Things Done

Letter to the Editor

When I first met Justin Brown I was thinking the same thing many of you were: “who is this kid, he looks so young.” Well the truth is, he is young. When he came to work with me at the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2010 he was 28 years old.

Letter: Quality Of Life

Letter to the Editor

I am a volunteer for Allison Silberberg's campaign and have known her dedication to Alexandria for a number of years. I am writing as a long time citizen of Alexandria with a vested interest to see that this city grows and becomes better for all who live here, and to make this city a more vibrant place to live … not just wall-to-wall commercial buildings and high rises.

Letter: Need New Engineer

Letter to the Editor

As the date for the June 9 Democratic mayoralty primary draws nearer, voters will have an opportunity to decide what kind of Alexandria we want to live in. Do we want a city where our unique historic heritage will be respected and preserved? Where the integrity of neighborhoods and quality of life is nurtured and advanced? Or a place where the developers have the last word about what gets built and where?

Letter: Right Choice In 45th District

Letter to the Editor

We are writing in strong support of Clarence Tong's candidacy for state delegate in the 45th District. Clarence is by far the most qualified candidate for this position based on his education, experience and community involvement.

Letter: With Residential Taxpayers in Mind

Letter to the Editor

Mayor Bill Euille has been presiding over a flood of high-density development, despite the certainty of increased traffic, decreased parking-per-capita, and certain damage to the ambience of the historic district, the much-to-be pitied goose of golden egg fame.

Letter: Is It Time For Change?

Letter to the Editor

Alexandria is now going through some major changes as it relates to planning/development and traffic and transportation issues.

Letter: City’s Role In Development

Letter to the Editor

I’m still scratching my head in disbelief about a remark made by Mayor Euille at a recent debate leading up to the June 9 primary election.