Drawn from the 15 weekly community newspapers published by Connection Newspapers.


Commentary: Legal Meaning of Sex Discrimination

Recently Attorney General Mark Herring issued an official opinion at my request and the requests of others as to the meaning of sex discrimination under Virginia law.

Letter: The Price of Littering

To the Editor

Did you know $11.5 billion is spent every year to clean up litter.

Commentary: Up Close and Personal with Marie, On Her Own Terms

Using an approach called Trauma-informed Care, Cornerstones helps clients create strategies and find solutions that offer them control, choice and hope.

Letter: Meals Tax, Where Will This End?

To the Editor

"Diversified revenue," Supervisor McKay hails the tax, as though it were some kind of blessing. Hunter Mill's Hudgins describes it as a "tool" -- a hammer?

Commentary: Energy Sustainability and Resiliency in Virginia

Those who were concerned that the 2016 Energy, Sustainability and Resiliency conference sponsored by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce Foundation would be business as usual were in for a surprise.

Letter: ‘Meal Tax’ and Fiscal Responsibility

The never ending push for new revenue streams for Fairfax County with their tax and spend policies really knows no end.

Alexandria Letter: Unwise Move

Letter to the Editor

Several weeks ago, I mentioned some of the most pressing reasons why a new Metro Station should not be built in Potomac Yard.

Alexandria Letter: Diminishing Discourse

Letter to the Editor

Alexandria civic discourse is not well, and appears to be growing worse over time. Increasingly, people are comparing public meetings to an orchestra recital that consists of a cacophony of screeching tuning noises, followed by a brief minute of rehearsed music.

Alexandria Letter: In Memory, In Tribute

Letter to the Editor

As often as I have written of Memorial Day, I think of those who do not understand the importance of those who have stood in the line of duty for their country.

Alexandria Letter: Fundamental Problem

Letter to the Editor

Soon you will notice a large, uninspiring hotel sprout at the north entrance to the City of Alexandria.

Editorial: Remembering on Memorial Day 2016

Observe a moment of silence.

On Memorial Day, we remember all of those who have died in military service, more than 400,000 in World War II, more than 30,000 in Korea, more than 50,000 in Vietnam.

Column: Packing for a Picnic in Alexandria

From The Old Town Boutique District

Yes, Virginia, there will be picnics in your life.

Commentary: Mosquitos, Zika and a Healthy Summer

Zika virus spreads through the bite of infected Aedes mosquito, a type present in Virginia in summer.

As warm weather returns and the last days of school draw near, I’m sure that, like me, you’re looking forward to spending a lot of time outdoors this summer.

Letter: Here it Comes the ‘Tall Oaks Cluster’

The Tall Oaks developer held another community meeting with residents. The venue was the old grocery store space at Tall Oaks Village Center.

Commentary: Reston’s Disappearing Performing Arts Center

If you want to read a good book that will inform and entertain at the same time, get a copy of Kristina Alcorn’s “In His Own Words.”