Drawn from the 15 weekly community newspapers published by Connection Newspapers.


Editorial: Celebrate, Shop, Dine Locally

Every day can be “small business day.”

There is a joy to participating in community traditions and celebrations during the holidays, from walking along a sidewalk with the streets decked out for the holidays, to shopping in local stores, to being greeted by someone likely to be the owner of the store, to finding gifts that are not mass-produced

Letter: More Trails, Please

Letter to the Editor

Among the many benefits of living in the Mount Vernon area, my family and I count the Mount Vernon Estate as among the top.

Letter: Dumfries Honors Toddy Puller

Letter to the Editor

Town of Dumfries Mayor Jerry Foreman presented state Senator Linda “Toddy” Puller a Town Resolution at her home in Alexandria, honoring her years of service as a delegate and senator for the State of Virginia.

Letter: Herrity is Silent

Letter to the Editor

One of the most pressing issues facing the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is our proposed appointment of a Citizen Review Panel that would accept and investigate citizen allegations to the Chief of Police and/or the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Column: Importance of Virginia’s Port


Last week, I joined the Virginia Senate's Finance Committee in Portsmouth for briefings on Virginia’s economy, revenue projections and other important issues facing the state legislature.

Letter: Easing Congestion

Letter to the Editor

Every afternoon, Route 1 traffic is generally backed up at Henry Street, which is a one way road going south.

Letter: Thanksgiving in Virginia

Letter to the Editor

Virginians can rightly claim our forebears first celebrated and established the custom of celebrating Thanksgiving on these shores.

Letter: Tour Bus Issue

Letter to the Editor

I recently was a houseguest on the 200 block of S. Lee Street in Alexandria.

Letter: Correct Totals

Letter to the Editor

I appreciate your running my letter making sense of the statistics and I know how hard it is to transcribe from my handwritten letters.

Letter: Major Events Need Parking

Letter to the Editor

Today I am writing in reference to our newest school building. The building that was built to hold more than 700 students.

Column: Morning Mindfulness and Gratitude


Mindfulness is a serious discipline for me. It’s hard work and I can only manage it for a little while at a time. I try to be aware of the many, many technologies in my life, some small, others big, things I could not begin to replicate on my own.

Letter: Learning and Empathy

Letter to the Editor

After reading a letter to the editor by Shumaila Ahmad, “Hatred and Ignorance,” I was inspired to add my support and thoughts.

Letter: Need Is Great

Letter to the Editor

In response to the article regarding the WFCM Holiday Food Program, I would like to take time emphasizing the importance of not only this specific program, but also others like it.

Letter: ‘Gifts That Give Hope’

Letter to the Editor

Thank you for your timely opinion piece reminding readers of community needs and listing alternatives to buying material gifts.

Letter: Del. Hugo’s Thank-you

To the Editor

Thank you so much to the many volunteers, family, constituents, and friends who worked on our campaign. We won with over 65 percent of the vote.