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Opinion: Commentary: Special Session at ‘Crossover’

As of this week, it is safe to say that we are at the unofficial halfway point or “crossover” period of this action-packed and historic special session.

Opinion: Column: And So It Begins

Eleven years, six months and two weeks, approximately, after being diagnosed with "terminal" cancer: stage IV non small cell lung cancer, I have begun my treatment for stage IV papillary thyroid cancer.

Opinion: Commentary: Facilitating Voting, Adjusting the Budget and Tackling Criminal Justice

Over the last month, the Virginia General Assembly has been in what’s called a “special session” to address voting in the forthcoming election, the budget and criminal justice.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: What Problem is Ban Solving?

To the members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors who recently voted to move forward on a public hearing for a total ban on firearms in public places within Fairfax County, I ask a simple question: what problem is this solving?

Opinion: Commentary: The House at the Half

The House of Delegates is probably half-way through its virtual Special Session.

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Opinion: Letter to the Editor: The Death of a Tree

On Monday, Sept. 2, an “ Eco City” and one designated as “Tree City”, along with Alexandria Public Schools, had a beautiful old oak tree cut down in order to make room for a concession stand at the new TC Williams stadium.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Char McCargo Bah: Engaging and Captivating

I would like to commend Char McCargo Bah for the beautiful article she wrote on my grandfather, Wilmer B. Henry.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: ‘Let it Be’: In Support of T.C. Williams

I am writing to comment on this misguided effort to change the name of T.C. Williams High School.

Opinion: Commentary: Political Correctness Impeding Diversity

If we cannot have conversations without labeling opposing views as bigoted or prejudiced, how can we expect to move forward as a democratic society?

At the July 29 Library Board of Trustees meeting, my appointee Phil Rosenthal made a statement about the need for more diverse views to be represented in the library catalog’s highlighted books.

Opinion: Commentary: Special Session Looks at Nursing Homes, Reporting Outbreaks, Election Reform

As the third week of the General Assembly’s Special Session draws to a close, several major legislative accomplishments are moving forward.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes on Amendment 1

As a volunteer over the last four years advocating to end gerrymandering and reform the way our legislative districts are drawn, I wanted to let you know that we have a chance to approve a state constitutional amendment to create the Commonwealth’s first ever redistricting commission.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: For Some Workers, Nothing Leisurely About This Labor Day

Workers lucky enough to have a job face the double bind of fearing the risk of COVID-19 and being laid off.

There will be nothing leisurely about this Labor Day for many working families, not least for essential workers.

Opinion: Commentary: No More Excuses

The most important election of my lifetime is coming up on November 3, and I am not even on the ballot!

Opinion: Column: Cancer For Dummies: Me

As I was telling my long-time friend, Rita, over the phone on Saturday afternoon, as a cancer patient – and I know this is going to sound ridiculous, short-sighted and stupid, I am not always forthcoming and honest when it comes to sharing new symptoms with my doctors, particularly my oncologist.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: A Word About Sign-Stealing

Complaints about Biden signs disappearing across Great Falls have been on the rise.