Drawn from the 15 weekly community newspapers published by Connection Newspapers.


Burke, Fairfax Station, Springfield, Mount Vernon: What Are You Thankful for This Thanksgiving?

“I’m thankful for my family, my relative health and my eighth grade Civics students at South County Middle School.”

Letter: Holidays in Old Town Fairfax

Letter to the Editor

Old Town Fairfax is a relatively "untapped jewel"—why don't many think of it as a destination? It's probably because there is not enough attention focused on it, and all of the things it has to offer-from new shops and restaurants, to antiques and art! People I run into in some of the great shops just "happen" to stumble upon Old Town--when asked about it, they often reply "I drive through here a lot on Main Street, but never realized all of the things it has to offer, so never actually stopped to investigate!"


Not exactly “like a frightened turtle” as “similed” on a long-ago Seinfeld episode by Jerry himself; this shrinkage is the good kind, the kind you hope a radiological oncologist characterizes when viewing your CT Scan (computed tomography). Specifically, the exact kind of scan I get every three months to assess and evaluate the tumors, and fluid, in my stage IV, non-small cell cancer-affected lungs.

Letter: Meeting a Candidate

To the Editor

I am not a political person, but I recently attended a young professionals event and met Craig Parisot, Republican nominee running for Virginia House of Delegates, 34th District, and I knew we had a new kind of candidate on our hands.

Commentary: Rocket Science

With the number of rockets my high school friend, Joe Hammock and I built and launched, I am fortunate to have all my fingers and no serious injuries. Our rockets were not the hobbyist models you can buy today that use water or air pressure to launch; our rockets used black powder or a fuel we mixed ourselves.

Letter: Erasing Our Culture

To the Editor

An open letter to the Library Board of Trustees.

Letter: Erasing Our Culture

To the Editor

An open letter to the Library Board of Trustees.

Column: RELAC—A Museum and Environmental Problem

Last Saturday the new owners of Reston Lake Anne Air Conditioning, RELAC, held an open house at their plant, a first in living memory.

Editorial: Holidays Are About Giving

Give thanks and share; tens of thousands of families around us are in need.

The holidays are about giving, and giving thanks. The holidays are about children and family. The holidays are about sharing, about joy. The holidays are about being thankful and about faith and appreciation. The holidays are about alleviating suffering for others. Surrounded by the bounty in so many neighborhoods in Northern Virginia, many of us see little signs of the massive unmet needs here. But in Fairfax County Public Schools, more than 52,000 of the students are poor enough to receive free or subsidized meals, a significant measure of poverty.

Opinion: Help! I’ve Lost Everything!

You may think McLean is a nice, quiet place to live, but you are wrong. In our living room at this very minute lurks an almost invisible menace. It is small and innocent looking but in reality it is the scourge of our lives.

Letter to the Editor Alexandria:Bullies in High Office

I am beginning to wonder if our small, deep-in-debt city is taking on the smarmy political patina of Chicago or, worse, of Detroit.

Arlington Commentary: Giving Thanks for Anti-Hunger Programs

Working to keep children fed.

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving meant stuffing myself beyond the point of comfort, flitting gleefully between turkey, casseroles, sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, and of course pie. The object was to eat to the point of needing to loosen the belt, and then wait a few hours until there was room to start all over again with leftovers.

Letter to the Editor Mount Vernon:For All Those Who Believe

In the Nov. 13-19 publication of The Gazette, Rocky Curtis, in a letter to the editor, extolled the goodness of Tom (a.k.a. Santa) Bailey and indicated that with a neighbor, Wendy Kilpatrick, will miss Tom.

Letter to the Editor Mount Vernon: Help Disadvantaged Students

I found it very interesting that the Chantilly Pyramid Minority Student Achievement Committee (CPMSAC) [“Only Excellence Is Good Enough,” www.connectionnewspapers.com] is working so closely with the public school system and the community in an effort for bettering the academic successes and potential of minority students.

Letter to the Editor Mount Vernon: Supervisors Lack Transparency

I have grown frustrated with the lack of transparency of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors concerning the manner by which they vote upon prospective appointees to the various county boards, authorities and commissions.