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Surviving COVID-19 in Alexandria

Life after the coronavirus.

In early March, 18-year-old Ana Murphy came down with a sinus infection. But as her symptoms persisted, her parents, Gregg and Monica Murphy, both became ill. It was then that the family began to suspect that this was not a normal seasonal virus.

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Out and About in Fairfax County

Through the stay at home order, work and leisure activities continue for many area essential workers and residents.

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Culpepper Garden Beats the Odds on Coronavirus in Arlington

Low-income senior facility has no cases yet, as of this week.

Culpepper Garden low-income retirement property on Henderson Street in Arlington has so far escaped the coronavirus raging through other senior living facilities nationwide.

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Amazon Partners with Freddie’s to Provide 10,000 Meals in May in Arlington

A caravan of cars packed full of food donations pulls up in hospital parking lot C at 11 a.m. on Thursday, May 14 to deliver 350 lunches as part of a partnership between Amazon and Freddie Lutz, owner of Freddie’s Beach Bar & Restaurant.

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Yarnbombing Adorns Potomac Footbridge

Bridge Decorations Remind Walkers to Smile During Hard Times.

First to appear on the railings of the footbridge on Falls Road just across from Falls Bridge Road were two large yarn balls. Soon other items were hanging along the railings and people started to notice.

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Friends Find Ways to Meet and Stay Safe in Potomac

Where there is a will, there is a way, and three high school friends wanted to visit in person in spite of the rules about social distancing. So, Sophie Shapiro, Sheerin Naimi and Maya Rosenberg planned a get together by meeting in the parking lot of Potomac Library Saturday afternoon. “We haven’t met since March,” the Churchill graduates said.

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Burke Community on Parade for Veteran’s 100th Birthday

Lots of honks, waves and social distancing.

100 Birthday

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Furloughed and Waiting

Uncertainty lingers as furloughed workers hope temporary layoffs come to an end.

When Joy Phansond was furloughed from her job as sales coordinator at the Holiday Inn in Old Town, the temporary layoff was initially supposed to last until April 5. Then it was extended to May 5. Then it was extended again until June 5. She suspects that it’ll be extended again until July at least because the hotel business in Alexandria has been slammed by the collapse of tourism, trade shows and conventions.

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Appetite: Food Trucks Lift Spirits, Bring Community to Cameron Station

It’s a tale as old as time: Communities finding common ground with food, sharing meals together, looking forward to events that center on a family meal, a special occasion.

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A Click Worth $40K for South Lakes High School Senior

Awarded ‘Opportunity Scholarship’ in monthly drawing.

One little click set Imani Irons of Herndon and senior at South Lakes High School in Reston on a path that eventually led her to be among 25 students who, after completing six key college planning steps, each at valued dollars, the College Board awarded $40,000 in its chance Opportunity Scholarships Program.

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College Students Prevail Despite Coronavirus Impacts

McLean, Vienna area college students reflect on how the health crisis affects their lives, studies.

Part one in a series. The coronavirus pandemic forced in-person education to come to a halt in March across the country. College students not only had in-person courses moved online, but many had to travel back home for the remainder of the semester, and faced a number of new difficulties.

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Virtual 5K Race for a Good Cause

Langley High sophomore organizes virtual race for CIS NOVA.

As the Coronavirus outbreak has caused everyone to be confined to their homes, many have turned to exercise to keep busy and healthy. Will Navas, of Great Falls, a sophomore at Langley High School, is using it to raise money for children in his community by organizing a virtual 5k race that donates all proceeds to Communities in Schools of Northern Virginia (CIS NOVA).

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‘Facilitating Connections’ in Quarantine in Great Falls

Siblings start charitable initiative during COVID-19 pandemic.

It only took two days of quarantine for Isabel and Nathaniel Mathew of Great Falls to become restless. After Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced on March 23 that all schools would remain online for the rest of the school semester, the Langley High School siblings didn’t know how they were going to spend their newfound free time. That is, until they figured out a way that they could give back to those in the community who have been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis.

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Helping Community Stay Safe in Great Falls

Brooke Dawn, 15, a Great Falls resident, student at The Madeira School, and Kawasaki Disease survivor, loves to ride her bike and take walks to keep her heart healthy. When she does, she loves to read the different uplifting messages written on brightly colored stones left by others.