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Arlington Weekend Fun: July 31-Aug. 9

Events in Arlington, Va.

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Alexandria: Visiting Community Lodgings

Lynn Thomas (near left), executive director of Community Lodgings, discusses the challenges of providing low-income and affordable housing with U. S. Rep. Don Beyer (D) (right) after they toured the nonprofit's transitional housing unit on Friday, July 24.

Letter: Change in Leadership

Coverage of plans for a Bill Euille write-in campaign have emphasized that Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg defeated the mayor by a narrow margin. While true, accompanying commentary has missed the larger point: 65 percent of those who voted in June 9 Democratic primary voted for a candidate other than the incumbent mayor.

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Alexandria: Old Colony Inn Faces Setback

Developer and neighbors go toe-to-toe over hotel expansion.

The Old Colony Inn in North Old Town off of the George Washington Parkway has a major upgrade planned. The two-story Best Western Hotel is planning to double its height and expand to include a restaurant on the corner.

Letter: Appropriate Recommendations

Although historical fact is close to objective, historical interpretation is very subjective. As painful as a lot of American history is, as Americans we need to be regularly reminded of it to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Letter: Revisiting Primary

It has been most amusing to read the letters in this paper about the Democratic primary and the results.

Letter: Is City ‘Well-Run?’

This replies to the letter to editor of July 23 [“City’s Wise Investments”] stating that Alexandria “cannot get any better” city finances; “we have an amazingly well-run city” and that “[w]e should re-elect our current City Council, including a write-in vote for Mayor Bill Euille ….” Really?

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Alexandria: 2015 Julia Johns Award of Distinction

Inova Alexandria Hospital CEO Susan Carroll, the Jones, Brock and Miller families join with the 2015 recipient of the Julia Johns Award of Distinction Allessandro Ghidini, M.D. at the 23rd annual 1872 Society membership reception on June 2.

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Alexandria: Smith, Ridgway Engaged

Lauren Elisabeth Smith met James Alan Ridgway, Jr. during March Madness (2014) on eHarmony.

Alexandria Brief: Shooting Victim Hospitalized

The Alexandria Police Department is investigating a shooting that occurred in the 1200 block of North Quaker Lane on Friday, July 24. At approximately 9:52 p.m., officers responded to an apartment complex for reports of a shooting.

Alexandria: Renaming Confederate Relics

A step towards reconciliation, really?

Renaming of streets and monuments of Confederate soldiers and generals some say would be a step in the right direction towards racial reconciliation. Besides the nightmarish logistics of renaming major thoroughfares, I question, for a moment, the optimism (even idealism) of the desired outcomes.

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Commentary: What Point-In-Time Count Means for Homelessness

On Jan. 28, 2015 the City of Alexandria counted 267 persons experiencing homelessness within the city during the annual Point-in-Time count, the exact same number as last year. While this number is just a one night snapshot of those who are either living on the streets or temporarily housed in shelters, it is full of meaning that needs to be carefully examined.

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Commentary: Value of New Next to Old

The debate rages in Alexandria about what our new waterfront should look like. It is an issue that our next mayor will be dealing with. One argument says that new buildings should fit in with existing brick buildings, mainly the two-story homes and townhouses that were built with local clay from the late 1700s to the early 1900s. This idea has been the guiding light for every building built in Alexandria for the last 20 some years. Every office building must be built with an outer brick shell.

Alexandria: Masked and Hungry Critters Are Coming Down to Earth

One of your neighbors might be a raccoon.

This is the time of year when Alexandrians might step out into a yard or alley and encounter a masked creature, wearing stripes. Raccoons, born in the trees in spring, are descending to street level to search for food.

Alexandria: 10 Things To Know about Local Drinking Water

Virginia American Water joins thousands of water utilities across the country in the release of its annual water quality report available on line at In honor of the occasion, Virginia American Water offers this list of the top 10 things everyone should know about their drinking water.

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Potomac Weekend Fun: July 31-Aug. 9

Events near Potomac for July 31-Aug.9

Alexandria Brief: City Benefits from Bond Ratings

After both major rating agencies reaffirmed the City of Alexandria’s top bond ratings, the city earned favorable interest rates on the competitive sale of new bonds and the refinancing of existing bonds.

Alexandria Brief: Street Improvements Underway

As part of the city’s Complete Streets and Street Resurfacing programs, safety improvements will be made at several locations in Alexandria this summer.

Alexandria Brief: Sheriff’s Office Reaccredited

The Alexandria Sheriff’s Office has been reaccredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). The office received its formal reaccreditation at a ceremony Saturday, July 25, during CALEA’s summer conference in Colorado Springs, Colo.

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Alexandria: Owen Retires from Marine Corps

Acknowledging that he would miss his colleagues in the Naval Aviation Training Systems Program Office (PMA-205), U.S. Marine Corps Col. David Owen, the Marine Corps department head for PMA-205, marked his retirement from the service July 10 during a ceremony at Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River, Md.