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Postcards from Herndon

Postcards from Herndon

Herndon Mayor’s Favorite Places

Herndon Mayor Lisa Merkel on must-see places and events in Herndon

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Downtown Herndon Becomes Reality

Mayor Lisa Merkel previews development underway in the Town of Herndon.

During the pandemic, traditions have given way to new experiences as individuals, businesses and nonprofits morphed, reinventing themselves to succeed.

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Year Round Celebration of the Community in Vienna

Vienna carries the proud banner of an ‘Exceptional Small Town.’

The Newcomers and Community Guide 2020 welcomes all who choose to live, work, play and volunteer in the Town of Vienna and thanks everyone, masked and arms stretched six feet apart, for helping to make this town the best it can be in a most difficult time.

Viewpoints: Residents Revel in Old McLean

Future changes pend for area in and near McLean CBC Study.

The Connection asked McLean residents in or near the McLean Community Business Center what the greatest things about living in the area were.

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Great Falls: Postcards from Hometown

Known for its scenic beauty, spaciousness, and small-town feel, Great Falls is home to many sites both historic and picturesque.

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Vienna: ‘A Little Slice of Heaven’

Mayor takes you to a sightseeing tour of the town.

The Town of Vienna is a very special place, with its best attribute being our sense of community.

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Dranesville Welcomes You

An excellent place to live, raise a family, and do business.

The Dranesville District includes McLean, Great Falls, Herndon and some areas of Vienna and Falls Church and has about 125,000 residents.

Viewpoints: What’s the Greatest Part of Living in Great Falls?

Longtime residents share their reflections and recommendations for new neighbors.

Colleen Wright, a family physician and 24-year resident of Great Falls: “The school system is stellar, and there are so many nice events for kids in the Town Centre: Halloween, Fourth of July, other holidays.

Opinion: Commentary: Vote No on Question 1 in Virginia

The proposed process makes meaningful citizen input virtually impossible.

The rhetoric around Question 1 on the Virginia ballot is miles away from the actual redistricting process that would be frozen into constitutional language.

Opinion: Commentary: Virginia Voters Can Contribute to the State’s Progressive Future

The year 2020 has been filled with major ups and downs, but nowhere has the good news been clearer than in the Virginia legislature.

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Restaurant of the Week: Dishes of India

Dishes of India provides delicious Indian food for lunch or dinner.

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Pandemic Pollution: More Trash

Plastic bottles, bags, stirrers, straws, six-pack rings, yoghurt cups, lighters and dental flossers; aluminum cans; cigarette butts; Styrofoam pieces; bottle caps; carryout food packaging; balloons; fishing line; bait cans.

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New Beetle Species Named after Alexandria Resident James Sherald

The new beetle is called Cantharis sheraldi Steury.

“I knew the second I saw it that it was none of the species I had ever seen before in the park, and probably none of the species known from the Eastern United States” said Brent Steury, Natural Resources Program Manager for the George Washington Memorial Parkway, a National Park site in Fairfax and Arlington counties, Virginia.

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Opinion: Commentary: 5th Annual Tour de Mount Vernon – Socially Distanced and Great Fun!

Support and engage in your community!

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Opinion: Commentary: A Few Questions About the Sale of River Farm

To the Board of Directors, The American Horticulture Society, shared with the Mount Vernon Gazette

Three Friends Make Three New Friends in Alexandria

Senior Services of Alexandria’s Groceries to Go Program brings people together.

March wasn’t an easy month for any of us.

Name Change for Matthew Maury Elementary?

On Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020, the Alexandria City School Board voted to begin the process of officially considering the request to change the name of Matthew Maury Elementary School.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Wrong Approach for Stream Restoration

The biggest problem with the so-called natural channel design approach to stream "restoration" for us in the greater Washington, D.C. region is that it is planned and implemented in completely the wrong places: small order, interior forested, upper headwater streams and wetlands.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Public Meeting About Taylor Run

Sign up to attend Alexandria's virtual public meeting about the "restoration" of Taylor Run at Chinquapin Park and First Baptist Church on Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 7 p.m.