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Springfield Pet Store Shares Importance of Good Nutrition

Felix & Oscar provide natural pet food.

Nikki Logan and Matt O’Leary, employees of Felix & Oscar, a natural pet food store in Springfield, admit that their pets probably eat better than they do sometimes. “With all of the processed and artificial stuff that’s in fast food, I would definitely say yes,” Logan said.

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Caring for Aging Pets

Jason Overman of Springfield Animal Hospital shares some best practices.

Even for those pet lovers who pay close attention to the health and well-being of their pets, it’s not uncommon for owners to be unaware of when their pet is reaching the point of becoming a senior. Because the lifespan of pets can vary, it’s important to do extensive research, and to take pets to the vet at least once a year.

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Meet Ms. Parrot

I raised her since she was a nymph.

Not The Typical Guard Dog

Buffy, a Lhasa Apso and Miniature Poodle mixed dog, has been a McLean resident for over 13 years.

In many cases, dogs are supposed to be great companions for their owners, which occasionally means holding down the fort when master is away, or being a guard dog.

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The Snake of Kings

The King Family of six houses Zed, a Royal Python of nearly three feet in length.

Pythons have reputations of being gigantic, ferocious, monstrous snakes with large appetites.

One of the Cutest Pets in McLean

Anisa Ardeishar, 11, is the proud owner of an all-black Netherland Dwarf bunny.

When it comes to fluffy, friendly, and obedient pets that would be perfect for children, there is nothing better than a bunny rabbit.

It’s All in the Genes

Marlene and Alex Bocast are the happy masters of Ivy, a dog with a story.

Have you ever encountered a dog that was one-quarter Landseer Newfoundland, one-quarter Chinese Shar Pei, and 50 percent undetermined?

Meet Best Friends of Vienna Area

Stories of people and their pets in the Vienna area.

Everybody knows the old saying “a dog is man’s best friend” but over time it seems that dogs have become everyone’s best friend.

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Meet Best Friends of Herndon

People and pets: stories from neighborhood.

Lily and Lauren Runz, 5 year old twins, have a pug named Puma.

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Preparing Pets for Emergencies

When disaster strikes, pets are frequently abandoned or displaced, either because disasters hit suddenly or because their owners did not have a plan for them beforehand.

Grants to Support Animal Welfare

2014 Barkdull Memorial Fund winners announced.

On May 13, The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s Margery Barkdull Memorial Fund for Animal Welfare announced four winners for the 2014 grant process from a group of 12 applicants.

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Trees for McLean Neighborhoods

McLean Community Foundation supports tree program.

The McLean Neighborhood Tree Program, a new initiative of MTF, is funded in part by the McLean Community Foundation and encourages homeowners to become actively engaged in the selection, planting, and care of their trees.

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She acts so much like a person you can’t help but talk to her because you know she understands what you’re saying.

Pet photo: Peanut

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Puppies Destined for Important Work

Bred, donated and/or rescued for assistance dog training by paws4people.org, these "baby pictures" will be shared with the children and veterans matched with each dog.