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Great Falls: Stormwater Management, Sewage Systems Discussed

Speakers Share Sewage Stats

Up to 167 homeowners in Great Falls are on the hook for following a Fairfax County Health Department regulation when it comes to monitoring their septic systems, but many are unaware.

Great Falls: Supper is Served in Support of SEALs


This month’s MAM dinner on Monday, Jan. 8, was at the Old Brogue Irish Pub in the Great Falls Village Centre, where World War II Veteran Howard Jester, 90, was in attendance to support this month’s beneficiary organization: The Navy SEAL Foundation.

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Senators to Alexandria: Clean Up Your Act by 2020 or Lose State Funding

Lawmakers poo poo city efforts to flush raw sewage.

Members of the Virginia state Senate say they’re tired of hearing excuses about sewage from city officials in Alexandria, and they’re pushing ahead with a plan that one senator calls “the nuclear option.” This afternoon, the Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee approved a bill that sets a firm deadline for Alexandria to clean up its act — 2020. If city officials are unable to stop dumping more than 10 million gallons of raw sewage into the Potomac River every year, Alexandria would lose all state appropriations until the problem is fixed.

Accomplishments in Sully District in 2016

Supervisor Kathy Smith's report on important 2016 milestones in Sully District and Fairfax County at large.

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‘What If a Garden Could Teach, Inspire Children?’

Lees Corner Elementary celebrates its outdoor classroom.

Lees Corner Elementary’s outdoor classroom.

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Hoping to Improve Local Bicycling

FABB shares information, solicits community input.

The Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling (FABB) is an all-volunteer group that advocates for more bike lanes, bike trails and neighborhood connections.

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Firefighters Connect with the Community

Helping community is bottom line for Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Department deputy fire chief.

Corinne Piccardi, deputy fire chief at Cabin John Park Volunteer fire Department, follows her heart.

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Bagels, Pickles Take Center Stage at Del Ray Pop-Up

Two farmer’s market favorites find a temporary indoor home.

The grand opening of Salt | Bagel, a pop-up blending two Alexandria favorites in one spot.

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Predatory Lenders Work Behind the Scenes to Avoid Regulation and Evade the Law

Campaign contributions and political connections used to sidestep crackdown.

Predatory Loans in the Crossfire: Lawmakers conflicted about how to handle high-interest loans.

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Firefighters from Station 201 Read to Lyles-Crouch Elementary Students.

‘So, Who Has Ever Heard of a Turnip?’

The fire engine pulls up in front of Lyles-Crouch Elementary School on Friday morning and four firefighters jump out and head for the front door.

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Thomas Pollack advances to Eagle Scout

Twelve Years from Cub Scout to the Top

Thomas Pollack reached the end of a long journey on Saturday, Jan. 7 when he received his Eagle neckerchief in his Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony at the Army-Navy Country Club.

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Landmark Mall: 1965 - 2017

While big plans move forward for Landmark Mall, small businesses prepare for the end.

After a long battle with vacancy, Alexandria’s Landmark Mall has died.

WMATA requests more funding from Alexandria.

Even with cuts to rail and bus service, the elimination of 500 more Metro employees, and fare increases, Metro is still asking Alexandria for $32.5 million more in FY2018 than they did in FY2017.

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In From the Cold in Alexandria

Winter Shelter provides refuge.

As temperatures have dropped, the City of Alexandria’s Winter Shelter has kept its doors open to those who need warmth, food, and shelter.

Talking about Talking in Alexandria

City Council approves change to public comment procedures.

At the City Council meeting on Jan. 10, the City Council spent an hour discussing whether or not the City Council takes too long discussing things.