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I-66: Toll Road

VDOT plans to break I-66 gridlock with new tolls and HOV requirements.

It’s not news that I-66 is a congested mess. It wasn’t a surprise to Deputy Secretary of Transportation Nick Donohue when Gov. Terry McAuliffe said it needed to be fixed, and the Arlington County Board wasn’t shocked to hear changes are underway to try to reduce the gridlock during peak hours.

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Arlington Snapshot: Economics and Women

U.S. Rep. Don Beyer (D-8) announced a “Men for Women” House Caucus to promote economic growth through women’s empowerment on Monday, Sept. 28.

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Alexandria: City Council Candidates Go West

Candidates debate future of the West End.

Landmark Mall. BRAC 133. Overcrowded schools. Crumbling infrastructure.

Mount Vernon: Candidates on ‘Inside Scoop’

The non-partisan Meet and Greet Candidates Forum for certified candidates competing for Clerk of the Court, Commonwealth Attorney, Sheriff, and Director of the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District will be broadcast on Inside Scoop from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 28 on Channel 10.

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Centreville/Chantilly: ‘The Epitome of a Leader’

Michael Frey honored as Sully’s longtime supervisor.

Heartfelt accolades, fond memories and good-natured ribbing marked Friday night’s Roast and Boast for Supervisor Michael R. Frey (R-Sully).

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Arlington County Board Commits to More Affordable Housing

Local Hispanic community urges approval of affordable housing plan.

The Arlington County Board chambers were filled beyond capacity, to the point of having to open a second room with live-streaming of the meeting, largely with local residents wearing black and yellow shirts with the Spanish for “My Voice Counts” emblazoned across the front.

Arlington Brief: Reevesland, County Board Divided

On the bright side: the entire Reevesland property is classified as a historic district. But for local residents who fought for the preservation of the farmhouse as county property, the Sept. 19 decision to divide the farmhouse and the surrounding property as two separate parcels was still a loss.

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First Round in the Fight for Alexandria's City Council

The long table at the front of the Departmental Progressive Club in Old Town was packed with candidates...

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Tear Downs in Alexandria

Council approves demolition of 226 The Strand, overturns decision to preserve Ramsey Homes.

Despite two different and controversial discussions in City Council: Ramsey Homes and 226 The Strand are coming down.

Mount Vernon: Public Invited to Next Police Commission Forum

In an effort to open more opportunities for people around the county to participate and share their views, the Fairfax County Ad Hoc Commision on Police Policies and Practices will hold its next public forum in the Mount Vernon area on Sept. 14 at 7:30 p.m.

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Alexandria: City’s Democrats Face Civil War

Euille officially announces write-in campaign.

When Mayor William Euille officially announced his pursuit of a write-in campaign for reelection at a Sept. 7 rally, he referred to the Dylan Thomas poem about a man who believes his work is unfulfilled.

Alexandria Gets Inked

Final approval rests with council.

Twenty years ago, James Marlowe said it wouldn’t be possible, but by the end of the year Old Town may have its first tattoo parlor.

Alexandria: The South Won't Rise Again

Council votes for further restrictions on Confederate flags.

There are at least 33 streets in Alexandria clearly named after Confederate military leaders, but potentially twice that many that may be related but without a clear historical record.

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Alexandria: Redistricting Starts for Public Schools

ACPS chooses J.R. Reingold & Associates Inc. as its redistricting partner.

With a whimper rather than a bang, redistricting has started for Alexandria Public Schools. On Aug. 24, Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) selected J.R. Reingold & Associates Inc. as a partner for its redistricting process.

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Alexandria: Skirmishes over Business Proposals in Del Ray

Planning Commission navigates through conflicts.

Within an hour of returning to session: businesses, the public, and the Planning Commission were at odds. After a two-month summer break, it was business as usual in the Sept. 1 Alexandria Planning Commission meeting, where some big changes for small businesses were proposed in Del Ray. All three of the proposals centered around the growth of businesses and a school in Del Ray.