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Jalmeen Soni, McLean

“Today is important to me because I was working for Obama’s campaign for the past 18 months. I believe strongly that this is the time we should raise our voice against GOP. They’re out there to take care of the people who can take care of themselves, not for us. And that’s why it’s very important for me, that I have been doing the volunteer work for so long for this cause and this is the one day that I should be there to raise my voice that we are still out there to watch for the GOP. What the GOP is doing, they are not doing it for us. They are doing it for the interest of people who are giving them a lot of money to fight for them. And we have only the voice to fight back because we are not loaded with the money. We have a voice to reach to them and to the public to stand up for our rights and for our demand.”


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