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Eagle & Empire Game & Hobby Store owner Doug Ray recommends War Hammer 40,000 starter game.


Anna1988 1 week, 3 days ago

It immediately turns out that in the "Yader-Mir" there are three colorful bandit groups. Adepts are sadistic and maniacs, adoring killing and torturing for the sake of pleasure. A flock is the same as their dogs, wild beasts, who in every way paint themselves and as a hobby arrange fights between animals. Operators - the most sane, who do not kill just like that, but first of all they want to "raise suckers".

As it turned out, a very fragile peace was established between them. And everyone expects the new leader to take more decisive action. We need to preserve this union or take sides (which each group wants, of course, most of all), to seize the remaining territories of the park, and then to subordinate itself and the entire Commonwealth, bringing this bandit "Yader-Mir" to dubious prosperity.

You, of course, gleefully rub your hands, anticipating that in front of you waiting for women of easy conduct, casino, blackjack, as well as numerous scandals, intrigues, investigations, subcards, the need to divide and rule ... No matter how. Ahead of you is the quintessence of what is commonly called "typical quests from Bethesda ".

"Big Boss" in friv4school turns into a boy running errands for the leaders of three gangster factions who talk to him like a child with megalomania: "I'm in charge here, you'll do what I say! - Well, just first drive there, kill that and grab another beer. - Okay. So I'm going? - Go, go, dear, we have enough problems without you. "

Working on them, we carry out mostly similar instructions in the spirit of "kill the merchant, put the collar on that comrade, ruin that settlement." Plus tedious cleaning of large areas of the park with the subsequent distribution to a particular grouping.

No doubt, in the process there are more or less interesting situations when, for example, in Safari Park you find a cave barbarian with a herd of improvised gorillas, and in the "Dry Gorge" you carry drinks to the dead bar visitors or arrange a cowboy duel with a robot in the scenery of the Wild West. In the "Children's Kingdom", where many candies, carousels and evil ghouls, led by a mad magician, and there is at all a rare option of a peaceful solution to the problem.


Sara18 3 days, 23 hours ago

The success of the passage depends not so much on the chosen path of "pumping", how many from the found "loot", weapons, armor and the amount of money earned. However, to find a useful thing - half the battle. Fallout 4 offered us a comprehensive and large-scale system of "crafting" and improving items. At each corner, you can find some weapon workbench. Any "gun", with the appropriate components, you can "upgrade" at your discretion - put on an optical sight, change the handle, increase the store. The possibilities are really enormous - creating your own dream weapon is now quite realistic. The same goes for local "alchemy" - cooking "screws" and "buffs" will allow you to feel like a hero Breaking Bad.

The game features a huge amount of all kinds of equipment, and simple junk. Banks, books, bolts, screwdrivers and other useless things consist of a certain material that can be used to settle the settlements. For the first time in the series we were allowed to ennoble the wasteland. The new mechanics works as follows. We carry out a quest or several quests in a settlement, and it becomes friendly towards us. After that, within the boundaries of the site, you can enter the construction mode and fence it with a fence, install electric generators, build houses, plant corn, tomatoes, potatoes ...

Why is all this necessary? The answer to this question, unfortunately, is not entirely obvious. First, of course, to perform some quests. Secondly, the population has needs for protection, food, water, power supply. The more landscaped the plot will be, the better will be the attitude towards you. The innovation is rather controversial and is intended more for fans of Minecraft - in general, "urban planning" zamorochki optional.

world and without our intervention looks just great. Already in what, but in the ability to create large and beautiful locations Bethesda you will not refuse. The post-apocalyptic entourage was a success: abandoned cities, shops and bars with bright signs, secret bunkers, marauding camps ... Although the size of the map is not so great, due to the density of objects and the absence of artificial walls and obstacles obstructing the passage of the third part, the Heath is very massive and diverse .


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