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Munchkin, a card game where friends compete to kill monsters and grab magic items at Eagle & Empire Game & Hobby Store.


Jansen 1 month, 1 week ago

As you know, in the three-dimensional Fallout, the spirit of the original parts was made by Fallout: New Vegas . In the case of the fourth part, this restoration procedure was partially carried out by the addition of Far Harbor , but it was to be completed in full by the final additive - Nuka-World . It was here that three bandit groups appeared, available for interaction. And it is here that you can not save the world and do good, but do the opposite. It is a pity that this was a very boring occupation ...

This addition is specially created for those who are so tired of the leader of the minitemen Preston Garvey and his constant requests to give the land to the peasants and protect the farms, that he wanted to become a raider himself and shoot them all. To do this, you first need to get to the theme park theme park. Once, thanks to numerous attractions, it was very popular with boys and girls, as well as their parents. After the war, the park became for some time a kind of commercial Mecca, but then the raiders came and literally enslaved the traders - they put on them collars (they were knocking their heads off when they escaped, just like in the film "The Death Alliance") and began to exploit mercilessly.

And from the boredom of their leader made a deadly show (we already remember the "Running Man"). He was enticed by the simpletons from the neighboring Commonwealth and forced them to pass a line of obstacles, traps and enemies, in the end, to fight the final "boss" and invariably die. None juegos friv games survived. Still. If you are the first to survive (and this is very difficult to do, since the addition is designed for very high-level characters in power armor), having defeated the main organizer of the show in a very unusual, even humorous way, it is you who will become the new Big Boss of local raiders.


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