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Volunteers paint in game boards for checkers and chess.


ViktorPilevin 1 month, 1 week ago

Finally, in The Binding of Isaac friv 4 school, the authors of Lost Castle spied a system of artifacts. All items are immediately placed in cells and used with a single key. At the same time, we collect not only juicy apples and bananas, but also much more interesting things. There are also items (for example, pieces of armor or gems) that give passive bonuses, and artifacts that when used somehow change the situation: turn gold into a soul, summon a ghostly companion, strengthen you or take away all the money.

The same with potions that you are here, as in Necropolis, try at your own peril and risk. Having drunk some unknown substance, you can become stronger or, conversely, get drunk, lose some of your health or money. And then the light in your eyes will fade ...

Of course, my thesis is that, after trying Lost Castle , you get an idea of ​​all the above friv 4 school games, not quite true. There is a lot missing, such as the atmosphere and black humor The Binding of Isaac and the variety of classes Rampage Knights . And the inheritance system does not compare with what we saw in the Rogue Legacy. Heroes that appear after the death of the previous one do not differ in variety and do not have any innate features - colorblind, epileptics and paladins-homosexuals you will not find here ...

And yet Lost Castle drags out. The graphics are pleasant, the music pleases the rumor, the combat system is comfortable, understandable and effective, the bosses are interesting. A humor - relevant. Here you can meet a monster, which for a fee will pass to the next level. And one of the friv 4 school "bosses", the pot-bellied dinosaur, eats out the king of goblins, who seems to have tamed him.


Sara18 1 month ago

One of the most popular racing series on the planet over the past decade has turned into a huge hydra with different heads. Among those parts that came out after the first Most Wanted , there was a place and simulator Shift , and extremely unnatural Nitro . Restarts of separate parts and their sequels were made, under the brand the real MMO-game worked, the rider was released from the salon, creating story-oriented episodes ...

Restart of 2015 had to be cut off unnecessary and leave only what will revive the love of turned away fans. The task is very difficult. Requires an epic swing. And a very large space for driving - such as Ventura Bay, the area where the action takes place. The protagonist - the nameless beginner of street racing - immediately attracts the attention of the company of the same lovers of high-speed driving at night.

The new comrades represent five styles of driving and as many storylines. Local "clown" Spike is responsible for the standard speed race. The inflated half-mint Manu represents "Style", where it is necessary to drift and twist feints, impudent Amy manages tuning, the blonde Robin prefers team competitions. Sometimes in the field of view there is a mysterious offender, offering to leave police cars. Performing assignments for each of the directions promotes to the meeting with the "icon" - the famous racer from the real world. In the final, high-speed branch waiting for Magnus Walker (Magnus Walker), Porsche collector and owner of the fiery beard and craftsmen to enter into a skid at a speed of under two hundred and see the legendary rally driver Ken Block (Ken Block).

And they will see live, as all the plot episodes are given in the format of the first-person rollers with real people. The actor's game here does not make an impression, it is not worth waiting for an interesting story; the main thing is that these inserts make a difference. The plot line, let and unite the action for two dozen hours, but does not offer any "wow" moments and is inferior even to Undercover .


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