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Children Enjoy Kid Fest in Clifton

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These children are playing a fishing game.


ViktorPilevin 1 week, 3 days ago

It's a little unusual to watch how the game of such a famous office, like Ubisoft , goes without hype and a large-scale advertising campaign. The next part of The Settlers , canceled due to lack of prospects after the closed beta test, managed to change the name, genre and turned into a completely different game - Champions of Anteria . The case is not to say that typical for the industry, but about the fate of the "Settlers" and the emergence of a new strategy on their basis knew, probably, only the big fans of the series. Do the "Champions of Anteria" deserve more attention, or does such a modest release justify itself?

Rootsare visible to the naked eye. This is a graphic style, reminiscent of the previous games of the town planning series, and some gameplay elements inherent in the genre, and quite frivolous plot and setting. In general, we are trying to adjust ourselves to a happy mood: an introductory video makes it clear that there will be no pathos rescuers of the world, and our heroes are ordinary gouges suddenly found at the right time in the right place. Releasing Anteria from bandits and expanding the boundaries of the kingdom for them is akin to the usual fight in a tavern, except that opponents will be stronger than drunkards. And Antheria itself is still a place. For example, here menacing robbers are afraid of any suspicious rustle, and local Vikings, Snowbearers, are fighting more with a green serpent, rather than with enemies around.

This is a funny little world for us to win. On the global map, Anthery is divided into numerous regions. Initially, under our control, only the capital, and the rest of the locations are occupied by the forces of one of the other three factions or belong to neutrals. With each turn (the strategic part of the jogos friv game takes place in a step-by-step mode) the situation changes a little: some areas can pass from hand to hand, and sometimes enemies encroach on our villages. In this case, you can go to the defense of your native land or give local residents the opportunity to defend themselves. Finally, you can and should attack yourself, expanding your own possessions. There is no choice for the player - there is no linear passage here, any area that borders already captured ones is available for the attack.


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