Elie's Life-long Weekend

Elie's Life-long Weekend

This past weekend was Elie's weekend.

On Saturday, life-long Potomac resident Elie Pisarra-Cain received a Conservation Medal Award from the Potomac Hundred Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Ten minutes later she received a proclamation from the Maryland House of Delegates, presented to her by Del. Jean Cryor (R-15).

And, on Sunday, Pisarra-Cain, president of the Friends of Great Falls Tavern, was honored with a gift of appreciation from rangers at the C&O Canal National Historical Park at Great Falls.

"YOU ALWAYS SEE Elie out there doing something for Potomac. If you don't have people willing to give, it just doesn't happen. Things happen with Elie," said Kay Titus, of Potomac.

Such as the preservation of the Potomac Master Plan, approved by the Council Council last spring. Elie was the chairman of the Potomac Subregion Master Plan Citizens Advisory Committee.

Such as the flower pots lining Potomac Village that bloom each summer and fall. Elie started this tradition while serving on the Potomac Chamber of Commerce as a member and as a two-term president.

Such as the plays and musicals showcased by the Potomac Theatre Company, which recently found its new home at the Bullis School's new performing arts center. Elie is the president of the company.

Such as the annual carol sing-along each December. Such as the recent restoration of Great Falls Tavern. Such as the Potomac Clean & Green, a project that involves community citizens in keeping the Village and its surrounding roadsides clear of trash.

"IT'S VERY SPECIAL to me. All the things I do is because I love the community," said Pisarra-Cain, after receiving an award from member Elaine Jones at a membership meeting of the Potomac Hundred Chapter of the DAR. "It's kind of unique to live in the same place — right across from where I grew up. I have a big stake in our community. When you live in a place forever, you need to invest back into it. It makes me happy that newer people have come here and love it, too."

"She's an exceptional person and she has such diverse interests; she's involved in everything from the Master Plan, to the theater company, to Great Falls Tavern," said Suzanne Cerand, a member of the DAR.

Del. Jean Cryor had the last word on Saturday.

The proclamation from the House of Delegates reads, "for the tireless efforts and generous spirit in protecting, fostering and creating a greener world."

"And that's the soul of Potomac," said Cryor. "Thanks, Elie. You've been wonderful."