Great Falls Farmers Market Opens for Winter

Great Falls Farmers Market Opens for Winter

The Great Falls Farmers Market vendors and local shoppers requested a year-round farmers market in Great Falls, and this past Saturday, Dec. 1, the first winter market day opened. Shoppers were asked if such a market were available, would they come. Ninety percent of respondents said that they would keep shopping if the vendors kept coming—regardless of how cold it gets.

The Great Falls Farmers Market was originally conceived of in local focus groups during the 2020 Vision Project for Great Falls in 2007. Residents wanted a local market where they can access locally grown, healthy produce while experiencing a sense of local community—a virtual village square—right in the center of Great Falls. The Farmers Market provides a connection between local farmers or producers and local residents, supporting farm-to-table direct knowledge of where our food supply comes from and how it is grown and how animals and plants have been handled in the process.

As an advocate for local residents, the Farmers Market seeks to bring the very best vendors to our village for the enjoyment of our residents. Our vendors work hard to deliver the very best, according to the highest standards. If ever you have any comments, concerns or suggestions, our entire team welcomes your input.

For more information, find us on Facebook at Great Falls Community Farmers Market or visit us on the web at http://www.greatfal…">www.greatfallsfarme… or e-mail http://info@greatfa…">info@greatfallsfarm….

The Great Falls Community Farmers Market is on a journey to becoming the very best farmers market around in terms of offering the very best food for the families in our community to enjoy and thrive on; having a gathering of vendors who are hugely successful in Great Falls because they are offering exactly what you most appreciate and value; and having a farmers market team that studies and anticipates initiatives that are good for our community and works to bring about whatever they may be.

The success of the market and each individual vendor is entirely dependent upon your participation. Each vendor spends most of their Saturday traveling here, setting up, being available to meet you and speak with you and offering you their very best. We are delighted when you show up to enjoy what the market has to offer.