Alexandria: Notice of Intent on Waterfront Planning

Alexandria: Notice of Intent on Waterfront Planning

A three-year legal battle between three Old Town residents and the City of Alexandria reached another milestone when, on March 27, the Virginia Supreme Court upheld the Alexandria Circuit Court’s dismissal of a lawsuit challenging the city’s Waterfront Plan zoning.

“This puts an end to all of the pending litigation on the Waterfront and allows approved and pending redevelopment projects to move forward,” said City Attorney James L. Banks Jr. in a statement released by the city. “The Court found that the plaintiffs were not actually aggrieved, and therefore dismissal of the case was proper.”

But the city’s celebration may be premature. On April 3, the three plaintiffs filed a notice of intent to petition the Virginia Supreme Court for a rehearing of its March 27 decision. The three Old Town residents, April Burke, Bethany Gibney, and Marie Kux, have until April 27 to file an actual petition.