Fairfax Station: Neighborhood Development Outlook Update

Fairfax Station: Neighborhood Development Outlook Update

Gambrill Pointe subdivision Gambrill Pointe Court and Ridge Creek Way. These 20 homes on roughly 11 acres are built and finished selling.

Park Pointe subdivision East side of Gambrill Road, near the Fairfax County Parkway. Eighteen single-family homes on 7.7 acres have been approved; the plan is still under site review.

Corbet Manor Around 7717 Gambrill Road. Seven single-family homes are going into 4.5 acres of what were previously unconsolidated parcels of land. The project has been approved, but construction is pending.

Monopole in Clifton Around 12895 Clifton Creek Road.

The Clifton Creek substation of Dominion Virginia Power already has a monopole on a 95-acre site around 12895 Clifton Creek Road., however Dominion and Verizon Wireless have applied to move the pole to a different location with more height. The plan was recommended for approval by the Planning Commission on June 17. The Board of Supervisors approved the plan July 28.

Vulcan Materials Graham Quarry 10000 Ox Road.

Vulcan and the Fairfax County Water Authority have proposed repurposing the quarry as a reservoir to hold between 16 and 17 billion gallons of water. This requires a rezoning and zoning exception, which the Board of Supervisors approved at the group’s June 2 meeting.

Wegmans at Hilltop Village Center (corner of Telegraph Road and Beulah Street)

The long-awaited grocery experiencing destination opened June 14. The 126,000 square-foot store includes a full-service “Pub” bar-restaurant.

Woodglen Lake Dredging Fairfax Station

Fish relocation to Lake Accotink took place in November 2014. The lake’s water has already been completely drawn down, and the notice to proceed with dredging was given to the contractor on April 7. The $3 million project is in progress and projected to be completed in October of this year. During fish relocation, workers discovered invasive Grass Harp fish and Gizzard Shad, a species not normally found in lakes.