The Changing Face of Fairfax Station, Lorton and Clifton

The Changing Face of Fairfax Station, Lorton and Clifton

Land use (re)development highlights.

In largely residential areas, land use officials in the offices of Supervisor Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) and Jeff McKay (D-Lee) say to expect to see more “infill” redevelopment in the future. Most of Fairfax County is “built out,” so these are instances of larger lots or previously unconsolidated parcels being redeveloped and revitalized to increase the residence, retail or office capacity of the land.

Gambrill Pointe subdivision: These 20 homes built on 11 acres at roughly Gambrill Pointe Court and Ridge Creek Way were built in 2014 and are in the process of being sold.

Park Pointe subdivision: 18 single family homes on 7.7 acres have been approved on the east side of Gambrill Road, near the Fairfax County Parkway. The plan is currently in the site review stage of redevelopment.

Madison Homes subdivision: The developer Madison Homes is working on a subdivision of 12 single family homes on 5 acres around 6408 Spring Lake Drive. That plan is currently in the site review stage of redevelopment, but could see construction take place in 2015.

Corbet Manor: Seven single family homes on 4.5 acres of what were previously unconsolidated parcels of land will be located around 7717 Gambrill Road.

Monopole in Clifton: The Clifton Creek substation of Dominion Virginia Power already has a monopole on a 95-acre site around 12895 clifton creek road, however Dominion and Verizon Wireless have applied to move the pole to a different location with more height. No date is set for the development, but Herrity’s office expects some time early this year.

Vulcan Materials Graham Quarry: Vulcan, together with the Fairfax County Water Authority, are proposing ways to increase the area in the former Lorton Prison property that can be mined. One collaborative possibility is using the dug-out quarry as a water holding reservoir.

Wegmans at Hilltop Village Center: Though the new destination grocery-restaurant was previously slated for a late spring opening, Supervisor Jeff McKay (D-Lee) now says to expect an opening in the May-June timeframe -- among other reasons, due to the substantial training employees must go through. The 350,000 square-foot facility will be an anchor at Hilltop Village Center (the corner of Telegraph Road and Beulah Street), which will also feature a gym and other retail.

“One thing we've experienced at the Springfield Town Center is its popularity is unbelievable,” said McKay. “And the appetite, especially for restaurants, literally, is so big in that area, that the more we can build and provide services to people closer to where they live, the better.”

Sources: Supervisor Gerry Hyland (D-Mount Vernon), Supervisor Jeff McKay (D-Lee), Supervisor Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) land use office.