New and Old Land Use Causes Line Up

New and Old Land Use Causes Line Up

Hearings set at Planning Commission in March and April.

— Lidl U.S. Operations, LLC, proposes to build a 30,000-square-foot grocery store and 18,000-square-foot multi-tenant retail building on 5.09 acres on the 73-acre Chantilly Crossing Shopping Center at the intersection of Lee Road and Chantilly Crossing Lane.

The German Lidl grocery chain has also offered to proffer $250,000 for athletic fields and recreational facilities in Chantilly.

The Board of Supervisors was scheduled to vote on the applications at its Board Hearing on Jan. 24, after this issue’s presstime. The Planning Commission recommended approval of the application in December.

Lidl will “contribute to the design and installation of traffic signal at the intersection of Penrose Place and Lee Road, a commitment to the maintenance and enhancement of the stormwater management pond, an enhanced pedestrian crossing to the site,” said Sully District Planning Commissioner Karen Keys-Gamara at the decision-only hearing on Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Lidl’s U.S. operations is headquartered in Arlington; Lidl (pronounced leedle) plans to expand its business in the United States and Fairfax County.

Lidl currently operates nearly 10,000 stores in 26 countries throughout Europe and plans to open as many as 100 U.S. locations.


The Planning Commission gave Costco its approval Wednesday, Dec. 7 to add a service station with eight fueling tanks that can queue up to 60 vehicles at its 13.39-acre site in the Chantilly Crossing Shopping Center, 14390 Chantilly Crossing Lane.

The gas station will only be available to Costco members; only two grades of gas will be available, payable only by Costco credit card or debit.

The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to make its decision regarding Costco’s application on Jan. 24, after this issue’s presstime. The Planning Commission recommended the application in December.

David Gill, who represented Costco for its application, estimates that 2,000 customers will use the station each day.

County planners recommended approval of the application.

“Given its lack of visibility from the surrounding public road network, its interior position within the larger shopping center, and the limitation on sales, the proposed use can be expected to primarily serve existing patrons of the Costco retail warehouse and is expected to generate only a nominal increase in vehicular trips,” said Joe Gorney, planning staff.

Only one employee will be needed at the station.

Underground fuel tanks, an above ground Healy tank for excess gasoline vapors, and a canopy will be needed as part of the special exception amendment.

Chantilly Crossing Shopping Center is on 73 acres south of Route 50, east of Lee Road and west of Route 28. The center was approved by the Board of Supervisors in the summer of 1996.

The center also has two restaurants, two extended-day hotels, a drive-through bank, a Costco retail warehouse, a Target store, two retail buildings with multiple tenants and an additional service station with quick-service food store.

After a public hearing before the Planning Commission in November, Costco “has indicated a willingness to design a signal at the intersection of Penrose Place and Lee Road which would facilitate movement to the site,” said Sully District Commissioner Karen Keys-Gamarra.


Chick-fil-A, Inc. wants to enlarge the existing 2,932-square-foot, 64-seat KFC in Sully Plaza shopping center with a 142-seat, 4,792-square-foot restaurant and two-lane drive through.

The Planning Commission recommended approval of the zoning application in November. The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote on the application on Tuesday, Jan. 24 after this issue’s presstime.

The 13-acre Sully Plaza shopping center is located northeast of the intersection of Route 50 and Centreville Road in the Chantilly area. Access to the shopping center is provided from Route 50, Metrotech Drive and Centreville Road.

Chick-fil-A would replace the existing KFC fast food restaurant located next to the stormwater management pond near the intersection.

“While the older restaurant was of a relatively small size, the proposed restaurant is not out of scale with the shopping center or other similar restaurants, and staff does not consider the expansion to be egregious,” according to planner Carmen Bishop. “The proposed design of the building and landscaping would provide for a visual improvement to the center.”

The restaurant would have a brick facade, as well as brick on three sides of its trash enclosure.

The two-lane drive through has the capacity to stack 20 vehicles.

Sully Plaza was constructed in early 1985. The KFC, approved by the Board of Supervisors in November 1985, was constructed in 1986.

During busy times, Chick-fil-A is prepared to have an employee with an iPad ready to take orders so queuing never exceeds capacity.

“As recommended by staff, the application improves pedestrian circulation by providing a connection to the trail along Route 50. A development condition is proposed for the site plan to include appropriate crosswalks, such as to the CVS store, to further improve pedestrian safety,” according to Bishop.


Sully District Planning Commissioner Karen Keys-Gamarra requested denial of Ardavan Badii’s application to operate a luxury pawnshop, one that would have only dealt with diamonds, gems, jewelry and precious metals.

The Planning Commission recommended denial of a high end pawn shop in December; the Board of Supervisors is scheduled to make final decision on March 14.

“At first glance, it seems like a simple application, but it hasn’t been so simple,” said Keys-Gamarra.

Bullion and Diamonds Company is a 788-square-foot retail store at 4086 Airline Parkway in the 50 West Shopping Center, just west of the Route 50/Route 28 intersection.

“Jewelry is an asset,” said Badii, who has operated his store for eight years in Chantilly. “Occasionally, [customers] need some dollars but don't want to give up their jewelry.”

“It’s really important that we keep that image of luxury and beauty,” he said.

But the application doesn’t meet the comprehensive plan, said Keys-Gamarra.

“The proposed pawn shop is not an industrial, research and development, or industrial/flex use. Instead, it would intensify an existing strip commercial development, a use that is discouraged by the plan,” said Keys-Gamarra. “Even though it would be located within a store that’s already in the shopping center, the shopping center was permitted by-right. As the staff report states, there are no prior zoning approvals associated with the shopping center, which means that no other special exception uses have been approved there.”

There are currently eight pawn shops allowed via special exceptions in Fairfax County, said Michael Lynskey, planning staff with the Department of Planning and Zoning. The county permits up to 12 pawnshops countywide, he said.

“We’re expecting one to two people a day, at most. This is something that can help my small business a lot,” said Badii.

But Keys-Gamarra raised concern over any additional business. “This shopping center’s parking lot already suffers from considerable circulation problems and parking shortages. In my experience, the configuration is uniquely hazardous because of the many angles at which cars pull in and out and the pedestrians cutting across to get to shops and restaurants. Add to that the several restaurants offering delivery services and you get a location where constant vigilance is required,” said Keys-Gamarra.


Three additional land use cases are already scheduled for hearing before the Planning Commission this spring.

According to Planning Commission documents:

  • Copt Stonecroft, LLC, wants to increase its building height at 4850 Stonecroft Blvd. Public hearings are scheduled before the Planning Commission on March 2 and the Board of Supervisors on March 14.

  • Arden Courts of Centerville's application to “amend proffers and conditions” of their project is scheduled for a public hearing before the Planning Commission on April 5. The five-acre property is located at the east side of Centreville Road, southeast of its intersection with Bradenton Drive.

  • And Scimores Academy LLC, a special education facility, is scheduled to present an application before the Planning Commission on March 15 for projects listed in planning documents at the northeast corner of the intersection of Centreville and West Ox roads.