Winner Takes All in Democratic Primary for Lee District Supervisor

Winner Takes All in Democratic Primary for Lee District Supervisor

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Lee District representative Jeff McKay is looking to move over one place on the dais and replace retiring Board Chair Sharon Bulova at the end of this year. To accomplish that objective, McKay will give up his current seat when the term ends, opening the door for a quartet of Democratic candidates.

Kelly Hebron, Larysa Kautz, Rodney Lusk and James Migliaccio all want the opportunity to represent the residents of Lee District. Since there are no Republican or Independent challengers for the seat, their race is all about the June 11 Democratic primary.

To help our voting readers gather a bit more information on those who seek your support, the Connection asked each candidate to respond to an identical, basic questionnaire. Here are their responses.

[Some of the responses have been edited for space allotment]


Kelly Hebron

Name: Kelly Hebron

Age: 49

Education: Catholic University of America, J. D. 1996

Catholic University of America, M.A. Public Policy, 1996

University of Maryland, B.A. Economics, 1992

Family: Husband and two daughters.

Native of: Philadelphia, Pa.

Moved to the District:


Prior and current professional, political and civic experiences, community involvement:

Professional Experience:

  • Full-time Community College professor
  • Former small business owner

*Former Legal Aid attorney

Civic/Community involvement:

  • Lee District representative – Community Criminal Justice Board
  • Lee District representative – FFX Small Business Commission
  • Board member – Community for Business Partnership
  • Member – Economic Advisory Commission
  • Leadership Fairfax 2010
  • EmergeVA 2016

Why are you running?

“I am running to bring a collaborative and innovative voice for all Lee District.

What do you see as the top 3 issues in your district and what solutions do you propose?

“Transportation, Affordable Housing and Education.

Key ways you differ from your opponents?

  • I am a 20-year resident of Lee District.
  • I am the grassroots candidate and long-time community volunteer.
  • My longevity and activism demonstrate my commitment.
  • I bring a broad range of experience to the position.
  • I am the only lawyer, small business owner and educator running.


Larysa Kautz

Name: Larysa Kautz

Age: 40

Education: Georgetown University, LLM. 2007; Yale Law School, J.D. 2003; Connecticut College, B.A. 2000

Family: Husband Ryan, son Symon.

Native of: Newark, New Jersey

Moved to the District:


Professional Experience:

  • Bingham McCutchen - Counsel
  • Schaner & Lubitz - Partner
  • Melwood – Chief of Staff & General Counsel

Civic/Community involvement:

  • Founder, Lawyers for Good Government Foundation
  • Board member – CityCenter, NOVA
  • Gubernatorial Appointee – State Rehabilitation Council (appointed by Gov. McAuliffe, re-appointed by Gov. Northam)
  • Member – Fairfax County Advisory Social Services Board, Lee District member (McKay appointee)
  • Member – Fairfax County School Board Adult & Community Education Advisory Council
  • Member – Fairfax County Bar Association
  • Officer – Groveton Civic Association (GCA)
  • Member – Lee District Association of Civic Organizations (GCA representative)

Why are you running?

“I decided to run in 2016 after recognizing the critical importance of local government in ensuring equity and opportunity for all residents. With federal and state levels of government in GOP hands, looked more closely at my state and local elected officials and realized there was very little diversity in my representatives. I didn’t see my experience or point of view represented. No working moms with young children or immigrants/first generation Americans on the Board – and I want to change that.

As a working mom of a 3 year-old on the autism spectrum, I know the daily challenges families in the county face trying to navigate the system and get the best education for their child.”

What do you see as the top 3 issues in your district and what solutions do you propose?

“Shortage of affordable housing – we have a housing crisis on our hands…we must aggressively invest in preserving the affordable housing we have and build new mixed income developments…we must work towards workers being paid a living wage.

It’s an issue of rising rents…falling subsidies…property tax, steep benefits cliff…

The housing crisis is wiping out savings, increasing inequality and reducing the ability to weather the next illness, furlough or recession.

Universal pre-K – I think we have both the money and the resources to make this a reality…this should also include substantial investment in vocational training and support for youth transitioning out of high school.

Smart and responsible development – we cannot only focus on transportation and then housing, the environment and schools. We have to bring together the residents, stakeholders, officials, etc. to address issues immediately and plan for the future.

Key ways you differ from your opponents?

“As a first-generation American, as someone who has lived below the poverty line, and as a working mother of a young child with special needs, I understand the struggles faced by so many in our community. These are voices being left out of the conversation and it’s diversity that makes Lee District such an incredible place to live.

The breadth and depth of my experience in tax law, business, government procurement, advocacy and nonprofit governance make me the most qualified for this job.”


Rodney Lusk

Name: Rodney Lusk

Age: 53

Education: University of Virginia, B.A. American Government, 1988

Family: Wife Jacquelyn, daughters Sheridan and Addison.

Native of: Alexandria, Va.

Moved to the District:

1992-1995, 2003-Present

Prior and current professional, political and civic experiences, community involvement?

Professional Experience:

  • Director of National Marketing, Fairfax County Economic Development Authority
  • Land Use and Zoning Aide, Supervisor Gerry Connolly 1995-1998
  • Employment and Training Specialist, FFX County Dept. of Human Services, 1989-1995

Civic/Community involvement:

  • Fairfax County Planning Commission, Lee District, 2004-2010
  • Fairfax County Parks Authority, At-large Board member (2002-2004)
  • EMBARK Richmond Highway, Lee District representative (2015-present)
  • Leadership Fairfax – Chair, Katherine K. Hanley Public Service Award (2004-present)
  • Fairfax County Committee to Prevent and End Homelessness – Member, Governing Board (2008-present)
  • Northern Virginia Technology Council – Co-chair Big Data Committee (2016-2018)
  • Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation – Member (2008-present)
  • Affordable Housing Resource Panel (2017-present)
  • Committee for Dulles Member, Board of Directors (2010-present)
  • Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce – Board member (2018-present)
  • Business Alliance for Innovation and Entrepreneurship – President (2008-2012)
  • Leadership Fairfax – Chair (2006-2007)
  • Northern Virginia Community College – Vice Chair Business Curriculum Advisory Committee (2002-2015)
  • Citizen of the Year, Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce
  • Lee District “Lord Fairfax”
  • Leadership Fairfax, Torchbearer Award

Why are you running?

“I have been a Fairfax County employee for the past 30 years, and a resident of Lee District for the past 18…I have seen our county do a lot of things very well…but also had a front row seat to some areas where we’ve come up short. I’d like for my daughters to make the same decision we did to raise their families in Lee District – for that to happen some things will have to change – specifically related to the cost of housing, the resources allocated to public education and workforce development and the way we think about equity in our community.”

What do you see as the top 3 issues in your district and what solutions do you propose?

  • Education & Workforce Development - Our two top priorities must be fully funding public schools and protecting teacher pay. We must take proactive steps [to see] our K-12 students prepared for the jobs of the future…providing guidance for those that will immediately go on to four-year degrees, as well as those who will pursue trade certifications and technical degrees.

Affordable Housing – Facing a crisis, with a recognized need of an increase of 15,000 affordable homes…the county must move to enact a dedicated and permanent revenue source for development of affordable housing…beginning with a penny on the real estate tax, and to increase by an additional penny over a designated period of time. Next, find additional opportunities to co-locate affordable housing stock on the sites of carefully selected county-owned assets. Corporate partnerships similar to Microsoft and the city of Seattle… explore use of industrial revenue and general obligation bonds.

The county should take advantage of its…role…in enforcement of local development regulations.

Equity – A child born on the Historic Richmond Highway Corridor must be afforded the same educational outcomes, employment opportunities, and life expectancy as one born along the Silver Line.

Key ways you differ from your opponents?

“U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly has called me the most prepared person ever to run for the Board of Supervisors. Chairman Bulova…has placed her trust in me. Former Lee District Supervisor Dana Kauffman was one of the first to support my campaign.

I am the only candidate with support of a past or current Board member; the only candidate with the support of our local labor community; only candidate with the support of our immigrant advocacy community; the only candidate that has served the County for the past 30 years and who can build the coalitions to have an impact on the District from day one.”


James Migliaccio

Name: James Migliaccio

Age: 49

Education: James Madison University, 1991

Legislative Studies Institute, 1995

Family: Partner Alessia, one son

Native of: Lifelong Northern Virginia resident

Moved to the District:

Prior and current professional, political and civic experiences, community involvement?

  • Fairfax County Planning Commission – Lee District representative (2010-present)
  • Chair, Planning Commission Land Use Process Review Committee
  • Planning Commission liaison to Zoning Modernization Working Group
  • Past co-Chair, Planning Commission Policy and Procedures Committee
  • Deputy Chief of Staff, US Senator Charles S. Robb
  • Political and Legislative Staff, National Association of Letter Carriers (AFL-CIO)
  • Virginia Certified Planning Commissioner
  • Member of the Democratic Party of Virginia since college.

Why are you running?

“For the better part of 25 years I have strived to make our community a better place to love, work and play for all Lee residents. I’ve done this through civic activism, volunteering, and nearly a decade of service as the Lee District representative to the Fairfax County Planning Commission. I will work to protect and improve the quality of life in Fairfax County by creating better transit options, keeping our schools world class, protecting our natural resources and working to ensure affordable housing needs are met.”

What do you see as the top 3 issues in your district and what solutions do you propose?

“Provide equitable educational chances for all from pre-K to high school…continue to implement the One Fairfax plan.

Job creation and economic opportunities in Lee District and across Fairfax County – for Fairfax County to remain an economic engine for the region, we must preserve and grow all levels of housing stock, especially affordable housing…a basic human right.

Preserve and protect our natural resources and support Fairfax Green New Deal initiatives. Fairfax has made many strides in the environmental area, we must do more…implement a more robust Green Fairfax Plan.”

Key ways you differ from your opponent(s)?

“I am the only person in this race to have significant experience in both the public and private sectors. My background, knowledge, experience, and relationships will allow me to start on day one advocating for the residents of Lee District.”