Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Lack of Leadership on Traffic Safety and Congestion

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Lack of Leadership on Traffic Safety and Congestion

Our elected officials lack focus and the will to prioritize transportation. This is one of many reasons to replace Virginia State Delegate Kathleen Murphy, Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust, and State Senator Barbara Favola on Nov. 5. Murphy, Favola, and Foust attended a meeting sponsored by the Great Falls Citizens Association and it became apparent very quickly that they were not interested in pursuing a real solution to traffic congestion on Route 7, supporting the community’s solution to the Baron Cameron intersection, and are in the pocket of Toll Brothers when it comes to sensible solutions to address safety and congestion on Towlston. They are all too willing to “go along to get along” with VDOT as they propose approaches that fall short of what is needed and creating multiple bad situations that we are going to have to suffer the consequences for a long. Murphy, Favola and Foust don’t live where we live and, frankly, aren’t concerned because it does not impact them personally. Murphy is only willing to work her pet projects. Foust and Favola only act when hit with a cattle prod that is citizen engagement. They need to put in the extra effort to negotiate with VDOT for a real solution that the community has invested greatly in developing, especially since we are the ones that must live with the outcome. Let’s not let them be so eager ... so they can claim progress this election cycle. GFCA has met with VDOT on numerous occasions and the real solution to congestion relief at Baron Cameron is a “fly over” approach. The solution to Rt 7 congestion while construction is being done is toll abatement for the period of construction. The solution for Towlston is additional entrance and egress points off Rt 7, a light at Trap Rd and safety set-backs from the intersection with Route 7. There is sufficient taxpayer money for much needed and long promised transportation improvements. What we need are legislators with a backbone to prioritize spending on these priorities and a willingness to acknowledge that VDOT is accountable to the General Assembly and Board of Supervisors, not the other way around.

Ethel Pascal

Great Falls

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