Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Democrats Deliver on Transportation Projects

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Democrats Deliver on Transportation Projects

Many Northern Virginia elected officials deserve our support for all they have done to address our area’s transportation issues. It takes long term commitment and cooperation among citizens, elected officials and government agencies to solve these complex challenges.. Our Democratic representatives, Del. Kathleen Murphy, State Sen. Barbara Favola and Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust have worked closely with all interested citizens, attending literally hundreds of meetings in their districts, seeking community input to represent their constituents’ interests and concerns to VDOT and fellow elected officials.

In Richmond Kathleen Murphy and Barbara Favola have been fighting for Northern Virginia’s fair share of transportation funding for years. The landmark 2015 transportation bill that laid the groundwork for comprehensive transportation improvements throughout Virginia, was supported by them and all other Democrats, while being opposed by many Republicans.

While these representatives would be the first to say there is much more to achieve, many citizens are grateful for what has been accomplished.

Here is one example I know about firsthand.

When the initial plans for widening Route 7 were released by VDOT, many in the Route 7 corridor were concerned that the design would negatively impact communities along the route. Further, the plans did not provide sufficient access to Route 7. I contacted Del. Murphy. She immediately contacted Sen. Favola and Supervisor Foust. They submitted a joint request to VDOT representing citizens’ concerns. This resulted in VDOT changing the plan to preserve green areas and provide better, safer access to Route 7.

Jay Volkert