ArPet: Mona Leasha from Lost Dog and Cat

ArPet: Mona Leasha from Lost Dog and Cat

Mona Leasha: See, I know how to go get the ball!

Mona Leasha: See, I know how to go get the ball! Photo contributed by Lost Dog and Cat Foundation

I lived in a very crowded shelter in Oklahoma for a while. I don't remember a lot about it. But I remember being very afraid. I saw what happened when there were too many animals and not enough space and each day I was worried that it would be my last.

The day the Lost Dog and Cat Foundation rescued me from that shelter, was a great day. And it just got better and better. After just a few days in the LDCRF kennel, my foster mom came and got me.

Yep, I’ve gone from the plains of Oklahoma to the cobblestones of big city D.C. Who woulda thought?

I've been working on some stuff with my foster mom. My fetch skills are improving. I'm pretty good at chasing the ball. I'm still working on bringing it back though. I have no idea why my foster mom thinks that's so important. But she does, so I'm trying.

We take lots of walks, which I love. But to be honest, I'm not a fan of all those whippersnappers speeding by me on the sidewalk on their scooters. I mean seriously, folks, stay in your own lane.

I've been waiting for my forever home for about a year and while I'm trying to be patient, it's getting really hard. People often stop us on the street to admire my big hazel/brown eyes and shiny black coat. I try not to get a big head about that. I've been called a sweetheart and I'm a staff favorite, so I know people see my inside is beautiful too. I'm easygoing, napping lots when I'm not enjoying the company of my foster mom. I truly love humans and am very gentle and loving with them.

Doesn't it seem like someone should have wanted me before now?

I'm worried maybe no one wants me because I'm a little leaky. No, I don't mean that I cry all the time, I'm a happy gal. But after I go outside to pee, I can be a little drippy for an hour or so. It's so embarrassing.

My foster mom is really nice about it. She has gotten me some fashionable diapers, which I totally rock by the way. I wear them, as needed, when I come in from my walks. I like them because I look awesome and I feel better knowing I'm not going to drip on my bed. But it still sucks.

I overheard the vet talking to my foster mom, he thinks it might happen because I was forced to have puppies when I was too little. That makes me sad, since that would mean it was totally avoidable. It especially hurts if this small problem is what is keeping me from finding my forever home. My heart breaks a little more each day that I wait.

I wake up every day hoping that someone or a whole family will pick me. If they have a fenced-in yard, that would be awesome. Older kids would be nice and a cat is fine too. I don't want to sound picky, but while I really like to play with other dogs when I'm not on a leash, I think I'd prefer a home with no other dogs.

While I hope you read this and start to fall in love with me, if I'm not a good fit for you, please share my story and help me find my perfect, permanent loving home.

You can learn more about me on the Lost Dog and Cat Foundation website or reach out directly to my foster mom:

You can also watch my Facebook video.

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