ArPets: Meet Khale

ArPets: Meet Khale

Let's help her find her forever home.

How can you resist these eyes? Khale is ready.

How can you resist these eyes? Khale is ready. Photo contributed by AWLA

Joan is an award-winning Connection Newspapers columnist and local photographer specializing in pets, children and families and contemporary business portraits.

I was devastated when mom and dad told me they had to leave me behind. They had to move away to take care of elderly relatives and they couldn't take me with them. I'm living at a shelter now and despite what I was told, this is definitely not like staying at a fancy hotel.

Don't get me wrong, the people who work at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington are very nice. But with the coronavirus, there are fewer people around. I'm a snuggler and desperately want to go back to being around people all day long.

I've been waiting since April. And, to be honest, every day feels like a year. It's pretty quiet here, which I kind of like, but it's also lonely. Maybe this makes me an unusual cat, but I really miss being close to people who love me.

I have no experience with dogs, so I'm not sure how I'd feel about a canine sibling. I'm cool with kids though, as long as they don't pull my tail. To be clear, I really enjoy all of the attention of being the sole feline, so as much as I'm desperate to find a loving home, I'll have to veto any that have other cats.

I hope you will help me to find a family to cuddle with. You can check me out on the Animal Welfare League of Arlington website ( You can even schedule a virtual date with me where I can draw you in with my amazing eyes by emailing: And while I hope you pick me, I do have some other adoptable feline and canine friends here who are also hoping to find forever homes. If you don't have room in your home and heart for me, maybe you know someone who does.

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