Church Street Vision Project Gets Town Council Approval

Church Street Vision Project Gets Town Council Approval

Within the next couple of years, the properties at the corner of Church Street NW and  Lawyer’s Road NW will be transformed from two, dated and aging buildings to a single,  three-story, mixed-use building with a two-level parking garage in the rear. The Vienna  Town Council unanimously approved the project at its regular meeting last night at  Vienna Town Hall.  

“I think it’s going to add a lot to Church Street, a lot to our town and a lot to that corner,”  said Mayor Linda Colbert after the developer’s presentation of the latest project  enhancements. 

The approved development is the fifth in a series of projects designed to enhance the  economic vitality of the historic Church Street commercial corridor. The latest project  will include restaurants, office space and residential space in a bicycle- and pedestrian friendly design that is reminiscent of late 19th and early 20th century, small-town America.  The approved project is consistent with the Church Street Vision that the Vienna Town  Council adopted in July 1999. 

“This project will enhance Church Street’s growing reputation as a destination for high quality restaurants, shopping and tourism,” said Vienna Economic Development Manager  Natalie Monkou. “It will contribute to our efforts to further strengthen our local economy  and enhance the quality of life for the town’s residents.” 

The next step is for the developer to obtain permits and prepare the site for construction. Project renderings and background materials presented at last night’s Town Council meeting are available online: