News Briefs

News Briefs

I-66 East Exit to Route 28 North Is Changed

The exit from I-66 East to Route 28 North was permanently changed last week and affects how motorists traveling on I-66 East access Route 28 North and the Braddock Road/Walney Road exit. The new traffic-pattern change is as follows:

* Drivers from I-66 East to Route 28 North will use the current flyover ramp to cross over I-66, then stay to the left at a new split. They’ll use the new roadway to travel under the Braddock Road/Walney Road overpass, then merge with Route 28 North. 

* Drivers from I-66 East to Braddock Road/Walney Road will use the current flyover ramp to cross over I-66, then stay to the right at the new split. They’ll then join the ramp from Route 28 North to Braddock Road/Walney Road.

* Drivers from Route 28 North to Braddock Road/Walney Road will continue to stay to the left over I-66 and use the current left exit to Braddock Road/Walney Road. 

* Drivers traveling through the area on Route 28 North should be alert for vehicles merging from the left, north of the Braddock Road/Walney Road overpass.

These changes are part of the reconstruction of the I-66/Route 28 Interchange for the Transform 66 Outside of the Beltway Project

Route 50 Service Road Bridge Is Closed

The eastbound Route 50, service-road bridge over Flatlick Branch in Chantilly will be closed to vehicles until Monday, Sept. 26. VDOT is taking this action so the bridge may be cleaned and painted. This bridge is between Chantilly Road and Galesbury Lane in the Brookfield community. Drivers will be detoured via the following routes: 

* Service-road access point west of the bridge, eastbound Route 50 and service-road access point east of the bridge, back to the service road.

* Service-road access point east of the bridge, westbound Route 50 and Chantilly Road, back to the service road.

The sidewalk along the bridge will remain open to pedestrians at all times. However, pedestrians are reminded to use caution when traveling in active work zones and to limit their distractions.  

New Sully District Community Center Will Open

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Sully Community Center will be held Saturday, Sept. 17, at noon, at 13800 Wall Road in Chantilly. It’ll be followed by a grand-opening celebration from 1-4 p.m., featuring fun activities for the whole family, plus food and performances. People may also tour the facility, and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Sully Community Center includes a healthcare component and will serve as the new home of the Sully Senior Center, as well. It’ll also provide a broad array of services and programs for people of all ages and abilities. Off Route 28 north, the site is adjacent to Air and Space Museum Parkway.