2024 Juror Qualification Process Begins Now

2024 Juror Qualification Process Begins Now

The Arlington Circuit Court, which includes the City of Falls Church, will soon begin its annual juror qualification process. Juror questionnaires will be mailed in early August to approximately 35,000 randomly selected residents of Arlington County and Falls Church City. These questionnaires are used to qualify residents for jury duty which begins Jan. 1, 2024 and ends Dec. 31, 2024. 

In accordance with State law, questionnaires are distributed annually to a random selection of residents of Arlington County and the City of Falls Church. Recipients are selected from registered voter rolls provided by the State Board of Elections. If you do not receive a form in the US Mail, there is nothing you need to do. Jury Commissioners appointed by the Court review the questionnaires in the Fall, to determine eligibility for service according to criteria established by the General Assembly.

For more information about jury duty, including a list of individuals who are exempt from serving, please visit the Courts & Judicial Services page.  

Not everyone will receive a Juror Questionnaire via postcard in the US Mail; If you do not receive a postcard there is nothing further to do.

If you DO receive the postcard, please follow the steps below:

Read and carefully follow the instructions on the postcard. Using your Candidate/Juror ID# printed on the postcard, visit the secure Juror Website at https://ejuror.arlingtonva.us/ to complete and submit the form online. If you cannot logon to the Website, please try again later or try another browser.

If you do not have a computer, to have a paper copy of the form mailed to you, call 703‑228‑3123 and provide: 1) Candidate/Juror ID# (without leading zeros), Pool # beginning with the #8 (ex: 801); 2) first and last name. The Court strongly encourages online submission to save time and resources.

Some questions on the form require submission of documents as proof of hardship (i.e., doctor’s notes, travel documents, military orders) and/or detailed explanations in the Remarks section. All information is kept confidential and destroyed after use. Please email your documentation after submitting your questionnaire to CCTJury@arlingtonva.us

If you no longer live in Virginia or have moved out of Arlington County or the City of Falls Church, there are questions on the form that will disqualify you. You must complete the form to be disqualified due to moving.

You are required to complete and return the questionnaire within 10 days of receipt. Completing the form online saves resources. Once submitted, your completed questionnaire will be processed by the Court. There will be nothing further you need to do. If you are qualified by the court to serve, you could receive a summons in the mail next year with detailed reporting instructions.

The questionnaire is not a summons to appear so please do not call the Clerk’s Office asking to be excused from jury duty. Excuses will be considered if you receive a summons in the mail. Failure to respond to the questionnaire or providing incomplete information may result in your being summoned to Court to complete the form in person.

Quick facts about jury service:
Normal term of service is one day or one trial.
The average length of a trial is 1 or 2 days, but trials can last longer.
Jurors must be available between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. during their period of service (subject to change by the Court).
Jurors receive $50 each day they report for reimbursement of expenses.