Food Assistance

Food Assistance

The Fairfax Food Council, Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax County Government, and a network of over 100 nonprofit and faith communities help raise awareness every year and provide support to residents who are impacted. Below you will find a list of resources for individuals experiencing food insecurity or homelessness.


Food assistance:

Resources for unhoused individuals:

  • Shelters for Families with Children: If you and your family are facing homelessness, contact Coordinated Services Planning at 703-222-0880. A specialist will connect you to a homelessness prevention and emergency shelter.

  • Shelters for Adults: There are three emergency shelters for adults in Fairfax County. Call one of the three to request a bed or outreach if you are unsheltered. 

  • Domestic Violence Hotline: Those impacted by domestic violence should call 703-360-7273 for emergency shelter and other services.

You can also take action and donate. There’s still time to contribute to the Stuff the Bus Virtual Food Drive which will run until November 30th. And starting December 1st, additional shelter will be available through the Hypothermia Prevention Program until March 31st. To read more about County resources and how you can help, visit Ways You Can Help Fight Hunger and Homelessness in Fairfax County | News Center.