Questions and photos by Susan Laume at John R. Lewis High School

Q: As a gun violence prevention proponent, what resonated with you about Vice President Kamala Harris’ speech on Gun Violence Prevention Day?

Melissa Chabot, with her 9-year-old son, Howard

“Kamala Harris said that it’s a human right to feel safe in schools, and she’s right. We have to enact common sense gun laws. It’s on the ballot every year and the way we can create change to keep kids safe.”

Albert Vega 

“We have the power to address gun violence, especially with the growing political influence of our young voters. I left inspired by the speech and the entire event to be an even stronger advocate for gun violence prevention and support candidates that share our values.”

Shawn Newman 

“Happy to hear the White House will push to make significant progress on gun violence prevention. Appreciated the Vice President’s comments on ‘false choice’ and her making clear we don’t have to make a choice between better control and using guns responsibly. Also in favor of an assault weapon ban because of the devastating impact on the human body, whether or not the injured person dies.”

Donald Craig 

“Vice President Kamala Harris’s gun violence speech was direct as to what needs to be done for common sense gun safety. The high energy, and the support of the VP’s comments by the students, was very encouraging, engaging and positive.”

Photo courtesy M. Singh

Menisha Singh with Vice-President Kamala Harris

“The comment that put things in perspective for me, was that one in five Americans have lost someone they love to gun violence, and on an average we lose 3000 children per year to gun violence. Alarming stats.  Also VP Harris, in her ultimate wisdom, said we don’t have to either protect 2nd amendment or pass common sense legislation — we can do both.”