Happy Thanksgiving 2023

Happy Thanksgiving 2023

There are so many complexities and challenges in the world in which we live that it is important to take some time to reflect on the good things that are going on in our families, communities and the world for which we need to be thankful. As individuals and as members of churches, nonprofits and neighborhoods we come to know people who in a totally unselfish way do acts of kindness that improve the lives of others. There are so many unsung heroes that devote their lives or some of their time to helping others, our environment, and the quality of life in our neighborhood. I will not attempt to name them for I do not want to accidentally leave someone out. I am sure you have your own list of angels and heroes that you could share.

I love it when the media of all forms does a spotlight, a featured article, or draws attention to the angels and heroes. I am sure you know the people to whom I am referring. Their stories give us inspiration as well as ideas for our own life planning. These are the people to whom we need to direct our thanks and well wishes not only on the day designated for giving thanks but on any day on which we have come to know them. These people do not work for money, but I am sure they would appreciate a sincere thank you. They are not going to stop what they are doing because of this suggestion, and certainly no one has asked me to request it. I think the responsibility is on us to recognize good neighbors and good Samaritans for what they do to improve life in our community.

I am very much aware of the crime and the horrible wars that engulf our world. The hungry, the sick, the homeless, the refugees, the immigrants, and others warrant our continued prayers and honest attempts to make a difference. Do not forget them on Thanksgiving Day, but keep everything in perspective with an understanding of all the good that is going on. 

Become a spokesperson in your religious establishment, your neighborhoods, and your places of employment to make this Thanksgiving a special one that acknowledges our blessings and commits our energy and resources to making the world one in which we can all find a bounty of blessings.

From Jane and me, a Happy Thanksgiving Day, 2023!