Viewpoints: What is your New Years Resolution?

Viewpoints: What is your New Years Resolution?

Some are attainable, some bold and aspirational. And they are always much easier to make than to keep. But New Year’s resolutions are a way to bring new life to our passions and a reminder of the endless possibilities ahead. From working out to being kind, Alexandrians share their goals for 2024.

STANLEY BRINKLEY – “My New year’s resolution is to focus on being a better person.”

BRIAN GAVIN – “My New Year’s ‘solution’ is to learn to make from scratch Caesar salad dressing.”

MICHAEL PORTERFIELD – “My New Year’s resolution is to meet every person on the street as if they were already a friend of mine.”

MEGAN BEYER – “I spent the last year working on a project at the State Department to enhance democracy through the arts. It was so compelling I am going to make 2024 an extension of appreciating the fact that we live in a free society.”

TONY CURRY FISHER – “My resolution is to start working out again and to tone my body. That is my goal for the new year.”

DAVID BURCH – “My goal is to connect better with more people. I think we feel a little bit siloed and need to make new, better and stronger connections personally and professionally in person so that we are building community, getting along and exchanging ideas. Kumbaya.”

JATRICE MARTEL – “My New Year’s resolution is to embrace more people and listen to them. I want to be a source of comfort and advice to younger people who are beginning their careers.”

MITCH OPALSKI –“My goal in the new year is to go to bed earlier and get a good night’s sleep.”