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Linda Falkerson, longtime Reston resident with her visiting grand nieces, Adriana, 8, who said there is so much to do in Reston, and Isabella, 10, who said she likes the history in Reston. Favorites: “I like the proximity to nature, the walking paths and the diversity.”
Concerns: “I am afraid Reston will be overmined. It is going to turn into a Bethesda with high-rise buildings, density and less diversity. I do not want Reston to become less diverse socially and economically. Traffic is a concern. I moved out of Vienna because of it, and I am afraid Reston will turn to Vienna gridlock.”
Event Notices: “When I come to the plaza, I see flyers and posters and those remind me of events.”

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Viewpoints About Reston Experience: Places, Events, Concerns

New and longtime residents in Reston share their viewpoints about places, events and happenings.


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