Governing Arlington

August 6, 2002

<bt>Arlington County Government headquarters are located at One Courthouse Plaza, 2100 Clarendon Blvd., near the Courthouse Metro station. Office hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. Call 703-228-3000 or 703-228-4611 (TTY). Visit www.co.arlington.va.us.

County Board

<bt>There are five elected members of the County Board. Members are elected at-large for staggered four year terms. Each year, for three successive years, one member is elected by the county at large; in the fourth year, two members are elected. The Board makes all local legislative decisions, sets all major county policies and appoints the membership of citizen advisory groups. Currently, all Arlington County Board members are Democrats.

In addition, the County Board is responsible for managing the county’s money, by reviewing annual budget proposals submitted by the County Manager and the School Board, determining taxation rates and appropriating funds for county programs. The Arlington County Code is available at all county libraries and in the government reference library.

The County Manager is the administrative head of county government, responsible to the County Board, and appointed by Board members for an indefinite term. The manager appoints all county department heads, and their employees are responsible to the manager.

As required by law, the manager annually submits a proposed county budget to the board, and a capital improvement plan every two years. He also makes action and policy recommendations to Board members.

<lst>County Board office:

2100 Clarendon Blvd.

Suite 300

Arlington, VA 22201


703-228-4611 (TTY)


Email: countyboard@co.arlington.va.us

2002 County Board Members:

* Chair, Chris Zimmerman – up for re-election in 2002

* Vice Chair, Charles Monroe – up for re-election in 2003

* Members, Barbara Favola – up for re-election in 2004, Paul Ferguson – up for re-election in 2003, and Jay Fisette – up for re-election in 2005

County Manager:

Ronald Carlee

2100 Clarendon Blvd.

Suite 302

Arlington, VA 22201


703-228-4611 (TTY)


Email: countymanager@co.arlington.va.us

Constitutional Officers

<bt>Constitutional officers are elected county officials whose jobs are mandated by the Constitution of Virginia. Arlington shares its Commonwealth’s Attorney and Commissioner of Revenue positions with the City of Falls Church.

* Clerk of the Courts: David A. Bell

703-228-7010 – Maintains court records.

Eight-year term, election in 2007

* Commonwealth’s Attorney: Richard E. Trodden

703-228-4410 – Serves as the state’s prosecutor.

Four-year term, election in 2003

* Commissioner of Revenue: Geraldine M. Whiting

703-228-3033 – Assesses the value of homes and other taxable properties in the county.

Four-year term, election in 2003

* Sheriff: Beth Arthur

703-228-4460 – Serves as a civil and criminal law-enforcement officer, and also serves as executive officer of the courts.

Four-year term, election in 2003

* Treasurer: Francis X. O’Leary

703-228-3255 – Collects moneys due to the county.

Four-year term, election in 2003

Board Meetings

<bt>County Board meetings are held in the County Board Room, Room 307, at One Courthouse Plaza, 2100 Clarendon Blvd., approximately 17 Saturdays a year. Agendas of meetings are available on the Monday before a Saturday meeting from the County Manager’s office, Room 302, or on the County Board’s Web site, www.co.arlington.va.us/cbo/meetings/index.htm.

Regular County Board meetings begin at 8:30 a.m., with public comment items beginning no earlier than 9 a.m. The only items considered in executive sessions, which are closed to the public, are those permitted by the Freedom of Information Act, such as legal, personnel and real estate matters. County Board meetings are cablecast live on Channel 31. Highlights, a summary of County Board meeting proceedings, are available in libraries or from the County Board office.

These are the board meetings remaining this year: Sept. 14, Sept. 28, Oct. 19, Nov. 16 and Dec. 7.

Being Heard

<bt>Arlington has a strong tradition of public involvement in government, often referred to as "The Arlington Way." It includes public comment periods before meetings of county officials, but also puts an emphasis on public input before most decisions are made, including public hearings, town hall meetings and citizen advisory commissions.

* To speak at board meetings: For the board’s public comment period, speakers must arrive before 8:30 a.m., fill out a speaker slip and give it to the County Clerk. Speakers are limited to two minutes for public comment, and there is only one speaker allowed per topic.

Public comment is also taken when allowed during each item at board meetings. Speakers on public hearing items are allowed three minutes to speak, five minutes if they are representing a county organization, with only one representative from any organization.

To speak on specific agenda items, speakers must fill out a speaker slip and turn it in to the County Clerk before the first speaker is called. Speakers are called in the order their slips are received.

* Civic Federation: The Civic Federation, called the "civic voice of Arlington," is made up of representatives from neighborhood civic associations across the county. The Federation works on neighborhood issues, and offers recommendations on policy issues to the County Board.

The nonpartisan group also sends an annual report to the General Assembly, in Richmond, with legislative initiatives. The Civic Federation’s Web address is www.civfed.org. Federation newsletters and membership information are available from Federation President Dan Krasnegor, 703-534-4024, or via email at dan@civfed.org.

State Government

<bt>Virginia’s government, with executive, legislative and judicial branches, serves as one of the models for the federal government.

At the head of the executive branch is the governor. But much of the power in the state rests in the legislative branch, the General Assembly.

Virginia’s General Assembly is the oldest elective legislature in the country, dating its first meeting to 1619. The current home of the Assembly was built in 1788.

The Assembly, since its inception, has been a bicameral legislature, initially consisting of the Council and the House of Burgesses, now the Senate and the House of Delegates. There are 40 members of the Senate and 100 delegates. Arlington is served by four state delegates and two state senators.

The judicial branch of the state government is headed by the Supreme Court of Virginia, a seven-member court. Justices are elected by the General Assembly to serve 12-year terms. The current Chief Justice is Harry L. Carrico, whose term expires in 2003.

General Assembly Web site: legis.state.va.us

<lst>Governor: Mark R. Warner (D)

Four-year term, expires in January 2006.

Under Virginia law, Warner may only serve one term as governor.

Web site: www.governor.state.va.us


* State Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple (D)

31st District, Democratic Caucus Chair

Four-year term, up for re-election in 2003

Home Office:

3556 N. Valley St.

Arlington, VA 22207

Phone: 703-538-4097

Fax: 703-538-2486

Richmond Office:

General Assembly Building

910 Capitol St., Room 430

Richmond, VA 23219

Phone: 804-698-7531

Email: mmwhipple@erols.com

* State Sen. Patricia Ticer (D)

30th District

Four-year term, up for re-election in 2003

Home Office:

City Hall

301 King St., Suite 2007

Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone: 703-549-5770

Fax: 703-739-6761

Richmond Office:

General Assembly Building

910 Capitol St., Room 429

Richmond, VA 23219

Phone: 804-698-7530

Email: patsy@tidalwave.net


* Del. James Almand (D)

47th District

Two-year term, up for re-election in 2003

Home Office:

3444 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 102

Arlington, VA 22201

Phone: 703-524-9700

Fax: 703-524-5324

Richmond Office:

General Assembly Building

910 Capitol St., Room 404

Richmond, VA 23219

Phone: 804-698-1047

Email: del_almand@house.state.va.us

* Del. Robert Brink (D)

48th District

Two-year term, up for re-election in 2003

Home Office:

2670 Marcey Road

Arlington, VA 22207

Phone: 703-243-5778

Fax: 703-841-0561

Richmond Office:

General Assembly Building

910 Capitol St., Room 817

Richmond, VA 23219

Phone: 804-698-1048

Email: rbrink@erols.com

* Del. Karen Darner (D)

49th District

Two-year term, up for re-election in 2003

Home Office:

969 S. Buchanan St.

Arlington, VA 22204

Phone: 703-271-5284

Fax: 703-271-8662

Richmond Office:

General Assembly Building

910 Capitol St., Room 711

Richmond, VA 23219

Phone: 804-698-1049

Email: del_darner@house.state.va.us

* Del. Marian Van Landingham (D)

45th District

Two-year term, up for re-election in 2003

Home Office:

301 King St.

Alexandria, VA 22302

Phone: 703-549-2511

Fax: 703-548-0733

Richmond Office:

General Assembly Building

910 Capitol St., Room 402

Richmond, VA 23219

Phone: 804-698-1045

Fax: 804-786-6310

Email: del-vanlandingham@house.state.va.us

Federal Officials

<lst>Arlington is part of the 8th Congressional District.

U.S. Representatives:

* U.S. Rep. James Moran (D)

Two-year term, up for re-election in 2002

Home Office:

5115 Franconia Road, Suite B

Alexandria, VA 22310

Phone: 703-971-4700

Fax: 703-922-9436

Washington Office:

2239 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515-4608

Phone: 202-225-4376

Fax: 202-225-0017


* U.S. Senator John Warner (R)

Six-year term, up for re-election in 2002

Washington Office:

225 Russell Building

Washington, DC 20510

Phone: 202-224-2023

Fax: 202-224-6295

Office Hours: 9 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Friday

* U.S. Senator George Allen (R)

Six-year term, up for re-election in 2006

Regional Office:

John Putney, Regional Representative

2214 Rock Hill Road, Suite 100

Herndon, VA 20170

Phone: 703-435-0039

Fax: 703-435-3446

Washington Office:

204 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Phone: 202-224-4024

TTY: 202-224-6755

Fax: 202-224-5432