Growing Up in Burke

Growing Up in Burke

Growing up in this area certainly has its pros and cons. I honestly don’t know what it would have all been like if I had grown up in a different enxrince of Peace pre-school. I remember the days of being dropped off by my mom early in the morning to go play with wood blocks, see magicians, experiment with clay and play-dough for the first time.

Those days are very vague, though, so let’s move on to the wonderful institute otherwise known as Sangster Elementary school. I had quite the ride at Sangster, going back to times of recess, assigned seats at lunch, getting happy notes in music class, etc. In sixth grade I ran for the office of Recorder for the SAC. The Recorder’s job was simply to keep a written a record of what was discussed in the SAC meetings, quite fun I must say.

As 1996 rolled around, I found myself graduating from Sangster and transitioning to a whole situation. The fall of 1996 was my introduction to Lake Braddock Secondary School, a swarming mass of about 3,500 students combined with about 500 faculty and administrative members. As a wide-eyed little seventh grader I’d have to say I got through that first year thanks to my brother Dan, who was a big senior at the time. The next six years just seemed to have flown by in the blink of an eye. Six years of Friday night’s watching football games in the fall, basketball games in the winter, and mixed in there is some watching of my close friends playing lacrosse and baseball. As far as school went, I’d have to say that my hardest year was sophomore year. Everyone always talks about how your junior year is going to be the worst because it’s the last year that colleges will see your academic performance, but for me it was definitely my sophomore year.

But besides Lake Braddock, there are many other facets of life in Burke that I can comment on. Youth sports organizations led to many friendships with people from other schools that I probably would have never met. Music concerts at neighboring venues such as the Nissan Pavilion, Nation Nightclub in D.C., George Mason Patriot Center, and even a few at the MCI Center.

Now, as we count down these last days of summer before heading off to college, I can honestly say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed growing up here. Granted I’m sure I would have loved a lot of other places as well, but Burke, Va. can certainly get you off on the right foot provided you figure out where you want to take that next step. That next step for me is the University of South Carolina, and after visiting there twice I feel as if this area has prepared me well for what lies ahead in this rapidly changing life of mine. Hopefully you will feel the same way when your turn to take that road to another place arises. Until then, enjoy this place and everything it has to offer, because you’ll miss it once your gone.