Local Schools

Local Schools

<lst>Cardinal Forest Elementary School

8600 Forrester Boulevard, Springfield


Grades: K-6

Opened: 1966

Enrollment: 725

Principal: Linda Calvo

PTA President:Vicky Trump

Special programs: FECEP program; full inclusion program; English for students of other languages

Cluster: VI

Website: www.fcps.edu/CardinalForestES

Cherry Run Elementary School

9732 Ironmaster Drive, Burke


Grades: preschool, K-6

Opened: 1983

Enrollment: 586

Principal: Stephen Gossin

PTA President: Patty Scheunemann

Special programs: ESOL; special education; GT school-based; after-school foreign language classes in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish; buddy program for first and sixth-graders

Cluster: VI

Website: www.fcps.edu/CherryRunES

Crestwood Elementary School

6010 Hanover Ave., Springfield


Grades: preschool, K-6

Opened: 1956

Enrollment: 580

Principal: Patricia Zissios

PTA President:Bruce Stewart

Special programs: open court readings; after-school program: Crestwood Academy; on-sight family center; power-up computer lab

Cluster: V

Website: www.fcps.edu/CrestwoodES

Terra Centre Elementary School

6000 Burke Centre Parkway, Burke


Grades: preschool, K-6

Opened: 1981

Enrollment: 644

Principal: Michele Sims

PTA President: Victoria Weursel

Special programs: ESOL, special education, GT program, Success by Eight, multi-age, all day kindergarten

Cluster: VI

Website: www.fcps.edu/TerraCentreES

White Oaks Elementary School

6130 Shiplett Blvd., Burke


Grades: K-6

Opened: 1979-1980

Enrollment: 847

Principal: John Tozzi

PTA President: Einass Akari

Special programs: ESOL, special education, GT Center, peer mediation, Asset Building for Children

Cluster: VI


Fairview Elementary School

5815 Ox Rd., Fairfax Station


Grades: K-6



Principal: Dr. Margarett Scott

PTA President: Sue Fisk

Cluster: VI

Website: www.fcps.edu/FairviewES

Forestdale Elementary School

6530 Elder Ave., Springfield


Principal: Terri Cavender

PTA President:

special programs:

Website: www.fcps.edu/ForestdaleES

Garfield Elementary School

address:7101 Old Keene Mill Road


Principal: Judith Thompson

PTA President:

special programs:

Website: www.fcps.edu/GarfieldES

Halley Elementary School

8850 Cross Chase Circle, Fairfax Station


Principal: Janet Funk

Website: www.fcps.edu/HalleyES

Hunt Valley Elementary School

7107 Sydensricker Road, Springfield


grades: K-6

Opened: 1969

Enrollment: 650

Principal: Mary Barker

PTA President: Dianna Toler

Special programs: autism center; homework club; Virginia Young Reader's Summer Reading club

Cluster: VI

Website: www.fcps.edu/HuntValleyES

Keene Mill Elementary

6310 Bardu Ave., Springfield


Principal: Mona Brimberg

Website: www.fcps.edu/KeeneMillES

King's Glen Elementary School

5401 Danbury Forest Drive, Springfield


Grades: 4-6

Opened: 1969

Enrollment: 530

Principal: James Baldwin

PTA President: Laura Nelson

Special programs: special education; GT resource program; SAC

Cluster: VI

Website: www.fcps.edu/KingsGlenES

King's Park Elementary School

5400 Harrow Way, Springfield


Grades: K-3

Opened: 1964

Enrollment: 785

Principal: Mary Agnes Garman

PTA President: Laura Nelson

Special programs: non-categorically handicapped preschool; Success by 8 school

Cluster: VI

Website: www.fcps.edu/KingsParkES

Lynbrook Elementary School

5801 Backlick Road, Springfield


Grades: headstart-6

Opened: 1957

Enrollment: 430

Principal: Mahri Aste

PTA President: Julie Tahan

Special programs: ESOL; SAC; headstart; after-school tutoring

Cluster: V

Website: www.fcps.edu/LynbrookES

Newington Forest Elementary School

8001 Newington Forest Ave., Springfield


Grades: k-6


Enrollment: 740

Principal: Donna Lewis

PTA President: Jennifer Dillow

Special programs: Learning disability/educational disability; ESL; GT

Cluster: V

Website: www.fcps.edu/NewingtonForestES

North Springfield Elementary School

7602 Heming Court, Springfield


Principal: Susan Owner

Orange Hunt Elementary School

6820 Sydenstricker Road, Springfield


Grades: K-6

Enrollment: 909

Principal: Janet Barbee

PTA President: n/a

Special programs: German Emersion; special ed/speech; ESOL

Cluster: VI

Website: www.fcps.edu/OrangeHuntES

Ravensworth Elementary School

5411 Nutting Dr., Springfield


Grades: K-6

Opened: ‘60s

Enrollment: 569

Principal: Dr. Ray Ross

PTA President: Mary Baran

Special Programs: Spanish immersion, ESOL, school-based E.D. program

Cluster: III

Website: http://www.fcps.edu/RavensworthES/

Rolling Valley Elementary School

6703 Barnack Drive, Springfield


Principal: Gayle Andrews

Sangster Elementary School

7420 Reservation Drive, Springfield


Grades: K-6

Opened: 989

Enrollment: 675

Principal: Gail Kinsey

PTA President: Suzanne Klein

Special programs: SAC; GT; autism program

Cluster: VI

Website: www.fcps.edu/

Saratoga Elementary School

8111 Northumberland Road, Springfield


Grades: FECEP-6

Opened: 1989

Enrollment: over 1000

Principal: Patricia Conklin

PTA President: Mitzy Olerta

Special programs: FECEP/Headstart; Learning Disability program; ESOL

Cluster: V

Website: www.fcps.edu/SaratogaES

Silverbrook Elementary School

9350 Crosspointe Drive, Fairfax Station


Principal: Robert Holderbaum

Website: www.fcps.edu/SilverbrookES

Springfield Estates Elementary School

6200 Charles C. Goff Drive, Springfield


Grades: preschool, K-6

Opened: 1958

Enrollment: 680

Principal: Susan Garrison

PTA President: Kathy Scheip

Special programs: GT center; ESOL; houses a senior center; before and after school school-age child care

Cluster: V

Website: www.fcps.edu/SpringfieldEstatesES

West Springfield Elementary School

6802 Deland Drive, Springfield


Grades: K-6

Enrollment: 380

Principal: Kathryn Woodley

PTA President: Nina Barkley

Special programs: special ed; ESOL

Cluster: VI

Website: www.fcps.edu/WestSpringfieldES

Key Middle School

6402 Franconia Road, Springfield


Grades: 7-8

Opened: 1971

Enrollment: 862

Principal: Harold Price

PTA President: Denise Dade

Special programs: moderately retarded program; autism program; SOL after-school tutoring

Cluster: V

Website: www.fcps.edu/KeyMS

Lake Braddock Middle School

9200 Burke Lake Road, Burke


Grades: 7-8

Opened: 1973

Enrollment: 1354

Principal: Linda Burke

PTA President: Karen Allison

Special programs: ESOL, special education, GT program

Cluster: VI

Website: http://www.fcps.edu/LakeBraddockMS

Washington Irving Middle

8100 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield


Principal: Pat Murphy

Website: www.fcps.edu/WashingtonIrvingMS

Hayfield Secondary School

7630 Telegraph Road, Kingstowne


Grades 7-12

Principal: Glynn Bates

Cluster: V

Lake Braddock High School

9200 Burke Lake Road, Burke


Grades: 9-12

Opened: 1973

Enrollment: 2597

Principal: Linda Burke

PTA President: Karen Allison

Special programs: ESOL; special education; MOD-SD; college partnership program which identifies, supports, and nurtures ethnic-, racial-, and language-minority students; peer helping and Bruin Buddies programs with Kings Park Elementary School and Lake Braddock Middle School; conflict mediation

Cluster: VI

Website: http://www.fcps.edu/LakeBraddockHS

West Springfield High School

address:6100 Rolling Road, Springfield


grades: 9-12

Opened: 1966

Enrollment: 2200

Principal: David Smith

PTA President: Trevie Wilson

Special programs: offers an Advanced Placement Degree

Cluster: VI

Website: www.fcps.edu/WestSpringfieldHS

Special Education Schools and Centers

Burke Center

9645 Burke Lake Road, Burke


Principal: Susan Knecht

Key Center

6404 Franconia Road, Springfield


Principal: Claudia Pike

North Springfield Center

7602 Heming Court, Springfield


Principal: Judith Owens

Saratoga Center

8111 Northumberland Road, Springfield


Principal: Stan Boren