No Term Limit for Gov? Or No Gov?

No Term Limit for Gov? Or No Gov?

The governor of the new state could have an opportunity to seek reelection at the pleasure of the voters.

The office of governor should not have term limits, said Bruce. “We wiped the slate clean. We’re having new elections. We’re seceding. We’re starting something new,” she said.

Delgaudio called for the elimination of the office of governor in the new state. “Spread the power out. I prefer to see the legislature hammer things out in consensus. If the county level of government is eliminated, the state legislature would have to meet year round,” said Delgaudio.

“I would oppose a one term only governor,” said De Noyer. “Term limits remove any accountability – that’s what has put us in the current economic predicament,” he said.

The governor should not have term limits, said Husch. “Term limits are decided by the people at the ballot box,” he said.

Mendelsohn said he supports a two-termed limit governor.

Rust endorsed the one term governor concept. “The new governor would not always be worried about reelection,” said Rust.

Tirrell said the number of terms a governor serves should be left up to the voters.

<1b>— Sanford D. Horn