Parkview's Year in Drama

Parkview's Year in Drama

<bt>In November, Park View High School performed "The Boys Next Door," a drama by Tom Griffin. It is the story of four mentally handicapped men and their overworked social worker, Jack. Jack, who is burned out from the stress of his job, decides to quit, which leads to utter chaos in the men's group home. Between beating rugs, catching "rats", falling in love, and making plans to move to Russia, the men share poignant moments and teach the audience a little bit about friendship and loyalty.

The Park View Drama Department just finished work on Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians." The “Ten Little Indians” refers to the collection of statuettes on a mantelpiece of an eerie country house in an island off the coast of England. The mysterious host of this weird mortuary invites eight random guests, ranging from a doctor to an undercover cop to a judge, to stay for a week. The guests have never met one another before, nor have they met their host or servants. One by one, the Ten Little Indian statuettes topple off the mantelpiece as another murder has been revealed. Audiences were thrilled to find out "who dunnit" and see who was the last person standing.

Park View's current show is "Pippin," a musical comedy about the son of King Charlemagne. With the help of a band of players, Pippin tries to find himself, frequently getting lost along the way. While looking for the meaning of his life, the protagonist goes to war, tries his hand as king, and may even fall in love. It is an extraordinary journey through the life of an extraordinary young man.

<1b>— Katy Hershberger, Lead Critic, Park View High School