Primary 2002: Steve Silverman

Primary 2002: Steve Silverman

County Council at Large

August 27, 2002

Steven Silverman

<lst>Age: 48

Family: Wife, Stephanie, Son, Jordan, age 10

Campaign phone: 301-589-7800

Offices held: Incumbent, County Council at Large, 1998-2002

Occupation: Attorney

Current Employment: Attorney

Education: BA 1975 American University, JD 1980 George Washington University

Community Ties: Member, JCC Board of Directors, Member, JCADA Advisory Board, Member, American Ort Board, Member, Strathmore Arts Board

Endorsements: The Washington Post, Gazette Newspapers, County Executive Doug Duncan, Fraternal Order of Police, Montgomery County Teachers, Action Committee for Transit, Senator Barbara Mikulski, AFL-CIO

* Why are you running for this position?

* To continue my commitment to traffic congestion relief, smaller class sizes, and all-day K, and adding funding for affordable housing and Montgomery College.

* What is your top public-service accomplishment?

* Leading the fight to reduce class sizes at K-2.

* What are the top five problems facing your constituents and what approaches will you use to solve them?

* (a) Traffic Congestion – I will focus on getting roads built, such as the ICC and Montrose Parkway and transit initiatives such as the Inner Purple Line and the I-270 Transitway.

(b) Education – I will focus on reducing class sizes K-2 and providing all-day K at more schools countywide.

(c) I support additional funding for Montgomery College where so many of our high school graduates are going.

(d) We need to build recreation centers in communities without them such as North Potomac.

(e) I support additional monies for the Legacy Open Space Program.

* What qualities, qualifications and characteristics will you bring to this office?

* I believe I have demonstrated the leadership skills necessary to find common ground among differing groups to accomplish necessary tasks for the community.

* How will voters best distinguish between you and your opponents?

* I support the ICC to help provide real traffic congestion relief as well as transit initiatives to get Montgomery County moving again.

* What is the one thing you promise not to do if elected?

* Lie, even though some people may not want to hear my positions on issues.

* What do you predict for the short-term (two-year) outlook of the Montgomery County budget and what adjustments will you propose to prepare for your prediction? Where can the county afford to trim the budget?

* The outlook is not optimistic. I favor across-the-board reductions rather than large cuts in one area.

* Do you support the recently reviewed Potomac Master Plan? Specific elements that might need revision?

* Yes.

* How would you characterize transportation issues in Montgomery County and what specific actions would you support as a result? Please address your position on: Smart Growth; Metro Purple Line; ICC; Regional Transportation Authority; recently passed County Council plan calling for more than $4 billion in state funding over the next 10 years; raising the gas tax and other possible means of paying for transportation infrastructure.

* Traffic congestion is destroying our quality of life. We need to promote Smart Growth, build an Inner Purple Line, ICC, regional cooperation, and raising the gas tax as one means of funding the state road projects needed in Montgomery County.

* What is your position on a Techway and new bridge across the Potomac River in Montgomery County? Do you favor a new study?

* I oppose the bridge and the study of any route in Montgomery County.

* How would you characterize and prioritize the preservation of open space in Montgomery County? What actions would you take?

* I strongly support the Legacy Open Space Program and would like to see additional funding for it.

* Is the current rate and mix of county fees and taxes appropriate and equitable

* Yes.

* Schools in Potomac and the rest of the county are overcrowded with renovation, additions and new schools behind schedule. What is the state’s role in solving this and what do you propose? How would you balance the need for funding for school construction and transportation infrastructure?

* The state must step up to the plate on school construction money and transportation funding. It cannot be a zero-sum game.

* Does the special exception process in the county work as it should? Changes you would propose?

* I believe we need to review the special exception process to ensure that we balance legitimate community concerns with the need for special needs housing and affordable senior housing.