Seeking New Capitol

Seeking New Capitol

“The state capitol should be in Alexandria for its historic value,” said Herndon Mayor Carol Bruce.

“The state capitol should be near Dulles Airport,” said Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling). “There’s a lot of open space there,” he said.

“The state capitol should be somewhat central – around the Falls Church area,” said Herndon town councilman John De Noyer. As an alternative, he said, “there’s quite a bit of undeveloped land along Route 28 near the airport.

“Take the Fairfax County seal off the Government Center and replace it with the new seal of the state of Northern Virginia at the state capitol business park,” said Herndon town councilman Dennis Husch, supporting the elimination of the county level of government.

For the state capitol, “our Government Center is the most central place,” said Fairfax County Supervisor Stuart Mendelsohn (R-Dranesville). “If there’s no Fairfax County government, it’s a good location,” he said.

“I would argue for Arlington, because it’s close to Washington, would be a good capitol,” said Herndon town councilman Harlon Reece. “But, it’s urban and congested, yet, there is public transportation. A good central location would be Fairfax City, but it’s very congested. I know I don’t want it in Herndon — that would change it from a small town,” he said.

The capitol could be in Fairfax City, said Rust. “It’s in as central a point as there is. It’s historic and has tradition,” he said.

“The new capitol should be in Alexandria for its history,” said Herndon town councilman Richard “Rick” Thoesen.

<1b>— Sanford D. Horn