The Audience Loved "Audience"

The Audience Loved "Audience"

South Lakes High School


The cast of 12 from South Lakes High School was met with laughter and critical acclaim as they wrapped up the run of their recent one-act play.

"We performed the show 'Audience' by Michael Frayn," said senior Amy Dellagiarino. "It's about the worst audience a theatrical performance could have," elaborated junior Daniel Katz. The cast of 12 portrayed an audience of a show, so that, in effect, the audience in their seats was viewing an audience on stage.

"Since it was a smaller show, we could focus more on details," said junior Brittany Heath, describing one of the challenges brought about by the show. Each cast member spent most of the time sitting, so "we had to react with our upper body and voice only."

The cast was successful in the One-Act Festival competition, said junior Daniel Katz. "We won at Districts, and then we went on to Regionals and placed third." The competition included many area high schools, and each group had 45 minutes to perform a selected one-act play, which would be judged according to a list of criteria, including acting and directing. Theatre Arts director Maria Harris oversaw the show's production, directing the cast during rehearsals that were held during class, after school, and on the weekend.

When asked if she would like the opportunity to be involved in the One-Act Festival again, Dellagiarino responded, "Absolutely, because it's a completely different experience from the other shows I've done. It was such a group effort, and everyone was involved in the same magnitude. It was a reward for everyone."