Rail to Dulles (sort of)

While political wrangling over the future of Northern Virginia's transportation problems continue, there is one place to catch a train from downtown Herndon to Dulles Airport. Sure the airport's famous roof line is made of Hershey chocolates and the train runs on remote control, but progress is progress. Hyatt Dulles executive chef Willi Franz and Director of Engineering Danny Davila have once again unveiled their holiday gingerbread village in the lobby of the Herndon hotel. "This represents our solution to providing rail to Dulles," said Jim Deuel, the Hyatt's general manager and chairman of the Herndon-Dulles Chamber of Commerce. The edible town, made of gingerbread and candy, is a replica of the town of Herndon. This year, Franz and Davila included Dulles Airport in their annual holiday display. Herndon is shown much as it appears today except the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad has been restored over what is now a recreational trail. It took nearly one week to assemble the display and it will remain on display through Christmas.