Herndon Week

Herndon Week

News in Brief

<sh>Alcohol Sting

<bt>On the July 12, the Traffic Safety Services with the Reston Community Policing Unit conducted an alcohol sting at 32 occasions within the Reston district. The sting was carried out by under age Fairfax County Cadets dressed in plain clothing attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages. The sting was part of the Youth Alcohol Campaign. Twenty-five of the 32 locations did not sell alcoholic beverages to the Cadets.

The seven establishments that sold alcohol were: Shoppers Food Warehouse on 245 Centreville Road, 7-Eleven on 9908 Georgetown Pike, CVS Pharmacy on 9871 Georgetown Pike, 7-Eleven on 2303-C Soapstone Drive, Rite Aid Pharmacy 2260-A Hunters Woods Plaza, Mercado Market on 1611 Washington Plaza, and CVS Pharmacy on 11670 Plaza Drive.

When contacted a spokesperson for Shoppers Food Warehouse stated that all 40 stores in the region train their cashiers in proper management of alcohol. He added that the company will take immediate action first suspending and then terminating the cashier responsible for the sale of the alcohol. The manager of the 7-Eleven in the Great Falls also made similar assurances. He promised swift action against the employee responsible for the sale of the beverages. The Rite-Aid declined to comment on the sting, and all other stores could not be contacted.

<sh>Man Charged in Robbery

<bt>Fairfax County police arrested 20-year-old William Sanchez, of 2451 Masons Ferry Drive in the Herndon area. Police said Sanchez robbed a 20-year-old Herndon area man of his wallet. Sanchez and his companion then fled, but returned to ask for a hat. He was immediately taken into custody and held without bond.

<sh>Rabies Alert

<bt>Fairfax County Police responded to a citizen's complaint of a sick raccoon in the 2300 block of Old Trail Drive in the Reston area, about 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday, July 10. The citizen directed the officer to the raccoon, which was found near the side of the house. It was hissing, growling and foaming at the mouth. The officer field euthanized the animal, and it was taken to the Fairfax County Health Department, where it tested positive for the rabies virus. No known animal or human contact was made with the raccoon.