Bar Raises Funds for Local Firefighters

Bar Raises Funds for Local Firefighters

July 18, 2002

Several bands performed during an all-day fund-raiser for the City of Fairfax’s Fire Department at T.T. Reynolds bar in Fairfax on June 29. One of the bar’s owners, Jason Fullen, who co-owns the bar with Jeremy Stern and Mike Kaplon, explained that part of the proceeds from their annual outdoor summer event, "T.T.'s Lot Party," would help fund the Fairfax department’s participation in the Firefighters Combat Challenge World Championships.

"Firefighters come in here all the time, and we wanted to help a charity, so we decided to help them out," said Stern.

Eric Pierce, a Fairfax City firefighter attending the event, said departments usually have to train “all year-round,” to qualify for the grueling contest.

Dr. Paul Davis, president of On Target Communications, promoter and manager for the Challenge, said the international competition will be held in Deerfield Beach, Fla., from Oct. 29-Nov. 2, and broadcast in December on ESPN. “It gives the public an opportunity to witness the abilities and skills of firefighters.”