Bargain Loft to Move

Bargain Loft to Move

July 24, 2002


Herndon residents can put their minds and purses at ease because Bargain Loft is not being evicted. When asked if Bargain Loft, located in the Reston/Herndon Business Park, was to be evicted, Hank Bowis representative of Ken Wood Management said, "That is not accurate. We felt there was a better location for them." Bargain Loft has occupied their present location for 20 years and they remain the longest existing tenant in the row.

After negotiations with Ken Wood Management and Nova and Virginia Bound Industrial, Bargain Loft will remain where they are until January.

When asked why Ken Wood Management will not be renewing Bargain Loft's lease, Bowis said, "We are in negotiations to relocate them because they need more space, the place is not air-conditioned and it needs to be better equipped for the handicapped." Bowis was referring to the safety hazard — the towering staircase leading towards the loft at Bargain Loft.

"We don't have an immediate business to occupy Bargain Loft's space," said Bowis.

"WE ARE NOT moving voluntarily," said Elizabeth Glennon, president of Herndon/Reston FISH (Friendly Instant Sympathetic Help) which is parent owner of Bargain Loft, FISH's primary fundraising arm, "and they gave various excuses."

Glennon hopes negotiations will allow the Bargain Loft to move in the back lot of the business park where there is more warehouse space, but the flip side to the move is that the store will no longer be visible from the road. But, Glennon said, "People don't come here because they wander by; people come here because they come here; it is known as a destination specific."

Customer Sharon Asgari, 30-year- Herndon-resident and 10-year-supporter of Bargain Loft, said, "How do you think I keep my children in Christian school, and the flip side of this service is what this place does for the community and for the indigent. It is a real service to those who are not needy and those who are."

WHETHER THE COMMUNITY will continue to shop at Bargain Loft after the move was not a concern for the many volunteers who work half-day shifts every week or every other week. "Bargain Loft has such a good following that they will follow us anywhere," volunteer Kay Patten said.

Deanna Henley, a volunteer since 1990, added, "This is a valuable enterprise."

"It will be unfortunate to people who aren't familiar with Bargain Loft and a mere inconvenience to those who are, but as long as it doesn't go away we'll be in good shape." said Asgari.