Six Proposals Deferred

Six Proposals Deferred

Of the 31 Dranesville District APR nominations to be heard by the Planning Commission, 13 were approved and heard by the Board of Supervisors on Monday evening, March 4. Three of the 12 denied items called for park options, most notably at the Dominican Retreat House in McLean and the Andrew Chapel School Site.

The six deferred items will be revisited again, on an individual basis, said Planning Commissioner Joan DuBois (Dranesville). The nomination regarding the future of Lowell Avenue — to close or not to close, should be brought back before the Planning Commission within a month — the earliest of the six, said DuBois. An item deferred less than six months does not require an additional public hearing, while those items deferred beyond a six-month span do require another public hearing, said DuBois.

Another deferred item is the nomination for an assisted senior living facility to be placed on the property of the Chesterbrook Presbyterian Church on Westmoreland Street in Falls Church.

The two Great Falls deferrals were nominations regarding historic districts at Dranesville Tavern and Colvin Run Mill, said DuBois. “I deferred them to allow for more community discussion,” she said at the Wednesday, Feb. 27 Planning Commission meeting. She believes they will be voted upon “within a couple of months. I plan to walk the area with Karen Washburn to get a better perspective,” said DuBois. Washburn, a Great Falls resident, nominated both items and serves on the Fairfax County History Commission.