Candidates Ask Citizenry for Votes

Candidates Ask Citizenry for Votes

Election Day in town is May 7.

Second in a series.

Both of the Town of Herndon mayoral candidates and each of the eight candidates for Town Council will stand for election on Tuesday, May 7. Between now and Election Day the candidates will be asked a series of questions in order to provide the voters with some insight as to who they are and where they stand regarding the crucial issues facing the Town of Herndon.

This week’s question is: “Why should the voters elect you?”


Richard “Rick” Thoesen – Town Councilman

I have a proven track record of 25 years of community service for Herndon and 21 years experience as an elected or appointed local official. I care deeply about Herndon's people and sense of place and want to secure an outstanding quality of life for our citizens.

William “Bill” Tirrell, Sr. – Town Councilman

Each voter must personally answer that question. A portfolio of local government, civic action, and professional career achievements and experience is what voters ask to see. My perspective as an 'honest broker’ on issues is what voters have asked to see; no 'old' agenda. Your issues are what is important.


Carol Bruce – Mayor

I have a solid, broad-based record of service, including six previous terms on the Town Council. If elected, I will continue to work hard to protect our heritage and our environment, and to ensure that every neighborhood in Herndon is a safe, pleasant, and attractive place in which to live.

John De Noyer – Town Councilman

As a scientist, I bring unique technical perspective and balance to the

Council. I'm not a politician, but I provide "corporate memory" and Town experience. I have the patience to listen and learn, intelligence to work with all interests, and integrity to insist on responsible management, vision, and decisions.

Judy Downer – Challenger

"As a 36-year resident of the Town of Herndon and having extensive knowledge of the neighborhoods, as well as experience with Fairfax County government and land use, I bring a new perspective and knowledge in ascertaining issues facing Herndon today and in the future."

Dennis Husch – Town Councilman

I have proven fiscal management and strategic planning skills. I work to deliver services at the lowest cost and at the lowest possible tax rate. I involve citizens in the decision process and represent their requirements. I work hard to improve our community, protect our environment and preserve our heritage.

Connie Hutchinson – Challenger

Fiscal responsibility. Involvement with youth. Interest in historic preservation and enhancing our downtown, making it a destination. Past experience on the council with a record of bringing projects to fruition. Desire to scrutinize ordinances, not people. Ability to see the big picture, making decisions with an eye on the future.

David A. Kirby – Challenger

I have been listening and have become very educated about our citizen's concerns, opinions, and views on the issues during my campaign. I will continue to visit with them throughout my term on the Town Council and will be their voice and advocate in resolving their concerns.

Michael O’ Reilly – Town Councilman

I have experience. Twenty-three years as a lawyer in Northern Virginia, representing individuals, homeowner associations and businesses. Ten years on Town Boards and Commissions. Two years on the Town Council. Twenty-two years living in Herndon. My background and experience enable me to better serve the citizens of Herndon.

Harlon Reece – Town Councilman

"I believe that I have demonstrated, in my first term, that I carefully consider each matter that comes before the Town Council. I do my homework, weigh all factors involved, listen to the citizens, and then make decisions that, in my opinion, are best for our entire community."