Lake Braddock Secondary

Lake Braddock Secondary

<bt>Every year, schools across the country send their nominees to University of Virginia in hopes of being granted the Jefferson Scholars Scholarship, a full scholarship for four years. Senior Jordan Buckrop has been selected to represent Lake Braddock.

Although many students would be quite excited about receiving this nomination, Buckrop remains quiet about her achievement. She declined to comment on her current grade point average or her SAT scores.

“She’s modest and doesn’t like to flaunt her successes,” said Christina Hoang, a senior.

Applications for this scholarship are not accepted. Instead, students are nominated by their high schools. To be given Lake Braddock’s nomination, a student must first be selected as a possible nominee based on grades, citizenship and leadership. Selected seniors faced an interview conducted by a counselor from each of the four subschools and the Career Center specialist. Once a nominee is chosen from the school, he/she then must complete an application including two essays.

Buckrop is still undecided about what she will study in school. She will either major in American studies or elementary education. She is also unsure about which school she will attend. She is keeping her options open.

“I’m excited, but there’s still a long way to go,” said Buckrop.

The scholarship goes out to approximately 35 students from around the country. The decision is made based on merit alone. Grades, citizenship and leadership abilities are taken into account. Last year, over 800 nominations were received, 82 of whom were invited to the campus as finalists. Four students from abroad were also chosen as finalists.